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July 28, 2015

The Steve Jones Show:

Ramirez A Pirate Again -

Friday, July 24, 2015

No Names on PSU Football Jerseys -

Thursday, July 16, 2015

MacPhail to Become President After Season -

Monday, June 29, 2015



Monday – 7/27

Hour 1 – Steve talks the Cole Hamels situation and Boston’s lost chances of getting 2024 Olympic Games.

Hour 2 – Greg Pickle from Penn joins Steve to talk Penn State recruiting.




Friday – 7/24

Hour 1 – Tony DeFazio on the Steelers as camp gets underway and the Pirates trading to get Aramis Ramirez back at third.

Hour 2 – Jack Ham on the names coming off the jerseys and Penn State football.


Thursday – 7/23

Hour 1 – Derrick Zechman, Team USA Men’s Fast Pitch Softball, talking about playing in the Pan American Games last week in Toronto.

Hour 2 – Ross Insana, MLB Network, with a MLB trade update, plus Steve discusses the potential of adding teams to the college football playoff.



Wednesday – 7/22

Hour 1 – Paul Alexander, Root Sports, on the Pirates.

Hour 2 – Roger Goodell in a bad spot and Penn State football metrics.


Tuesday – 7/21

Hour 1 – Joe Susan, Bucknell football coach, on the Ranck-Gadd Memorial golf outing and the 2015 season.

Hour 2 – Why no Brady decision yet from Roger Goodell and the NFL?

Monday – 7/20

Hour 1 – The Open winner and Tim Graves on the Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing.

Hour 2 – MLB trade updates including the Phillies and Cole Hamels, plus Steve talks about The Open and the cheap ticket price today.


Friday – 7/17

Hour 1 – James Franklin talks about the choice to remove names from the Penn State jersey.

Hour 2 – Neil Coolong, USA Today with a Steelers update, plus Terry Smith, PSU CB coach, on the removal of names from the jerseys.


Thursday – 7/16

Hour 1 – No names on the backs of Penn State jerseys, plus a look back at the day in St. Andrews for The Open.

Hour 2 – More on the jerseys, your Fantastic Four of your favorite team, plus a discussion of the changes at ESPN.


Wednesday – 7/15

Hour 1 – Joe Putnam talking with Steve about minor league baseball.

Hour 2 – Ryan Snyder, Blue-White Illustrated, on Penn State football recruiting.


Tuesday – 7/14

Hour 1 – The All Star Game and Pete Rose.

Hour 2 – All time home run leaders for pitchers, and the baseball of today with pitchers hitting.


Monday – 7/13

Hour 1 – Brandon Taylor, Penn State basketball player, plus Ericka Walsh, Penn State Women’s Soccer coach, on the Nittany Lions in the recent World Cup.

Hour 2 – Looking at the MLB All Star Game and Home Run Derby, plus a quick look at the Pan Am Games and The Open Championship.

Friday – 7/10

Hour 1 – Lift for Life at Penn State

Hour 2 – More on Lift for Life


Thursday – 7/9

Hour 1 – Steve talks Pete Rose’s chances of landing in the Hall of Fame and open phones.

Hour 2 – Steve talks MLB and NFL Hall of Fame and Lift for Life.


Wednesday – 7/8

Hour 1 – Steve talks Phils handling of Chase Utley and sports media and what is important vs “TMZ” junk

Hour 2 – Steve Sampsell joins Steve to talk sports broadcasting, tv deals, and networks competing with ESPN, and open phones.


Tuesday – 7/7

Hour 1 – Cristie Kerr, Stacey Lewis, and Lydia Ko from the Women’s US Open live from Lancaster, Pa.

Hour 2 – Michelle Wie, Paula Creamer, Inbee Park, and Morgan Pressel from the Women’s US Open live from Lancaster, Pa.


Monday – 7/6

Hour 1 – Joey Gulino from Yahoo Sports talks US Women’s Soccer victory.

Hour 2 – More soccer and general sports talk


Thursday – 7/2

Hour 1 – Dan Wirnsberger, Bucknell wrestling coach, on the program and the 2015-16 schedule.

Hour 2 – Sportscasters and opinions

Wednesday – 7/1

Hour 1 – Jim Harbaugh’s interview that didn’t go well, plus Loren Crispell on Penn State sports marketing.

Hour 2 – The popularity of soccer with high school females, and the downward trend of basketball for women.

Tuesday – 6/30

Hour 1 – Boston trying for the Olympics, and issues for Phil Mickelson.

Hour 2 – Gabe Sinicropi on the undefeated Williamsport Crosscutters.


Monday – 6/29

Hour 1 – Ben Jones from on PSU basketball news.

Hour 2 – Steve comments on CBS Sports Radio’s Doug Gottlieb and his Tweets about paying athletes in college.

Friday – 6/26

Hour 1 – Ryne Sandberg steps down as Phillies manager and Tony DeFazio, Pittsburgh Sports Report.

Hour 2 – Joey Gulino on the US Women’s World Cup Soccer team.


Thursday – 6/25

Hour 1 – Mike Passini talking Mets baseball.

Hour 2 – NBA Draft preview.


Wednesday – 6/24

Hour 1 – Brandon Gowton,, with an Eagles update.

Hour 2 – NBA Draft and MLB talk.

Tuesday – 6/23

Hour 1 – More on Pete Rose betting while playing baseball.

Hour 2 – Looking at Deflategate and more.


Monday – 6/22

Hour 1 – Pete Rose OTL report that he bet while being a player.

Hour 2 – More on the new Pete Rose allegations, and looking back at the U.S. Open.


Friday – 6/19

Hour 1 – The US Open course and Fox’s coverage, also why the focus on Tiger Woods.

Hour 2 – Tony DeFazio, Pittsburgh Sports Report, with the Friday update.


Thursday – 6/18

Hour 1 – Charlie Wilmoth from on the Pirates.

Hour 2 – Jonathon Mayo from on how the Phillies and Pirates did with the MLB draft.

Wednesday – 6/17

Hour 1 – Gabe Sinicropi from the Williamsport Crosscutters on their opening night this weekend.

Hour 2 – Cardinals hack attack and looking at the Golden State NBA Championship.


Tuesday – 6/16

Hour 1 – Cardinals hack attack and the NBA Finals.

Hour 2 – High School sports rankings….why? Plus more on the Cardinals hack attack.

Monday – 6/15

Hour 1 – Talking baseball and best PSU running back lists.

Hour 2 –  Talking baseball with Steve.

Friday – 6/12

Hour 1 – Tony DeFazio, Pittsburgh Sports Report, on the Pirates.

Hour 2 – Chris Wheeler, former Phillies announcer, on the Phillies and the MLB, plus Ben Jones from on the departure of Geno Thorpe from the PSU Basketball team.


Thursday – 6/11

Hour 1 – Ross Insana from MLB Network with a look at the completed MLB draft.

Hour 2 – What fans want to see on TV.


Wednesday – 6/10

Hour 1 – Pete Jensen from on the Stanley Cup Finals.

Hour 2 – Mike Brennan from about his interview with James Franklin, plus some insight on the Nittany Lions football team.


Tuesday – 6/9

Hour 1 – Jason Dambach, President of the State College Spikes, on making baseball safer for fans.

Hour 2 – More on baseball safety and the MLB draft with PSU head coach Rob Cooper.

Monday – 6/8

Hour 1 – PSU getting bowl money for 14-15 and looking back at the Triple Crown Winner.

Hour 2 – Dick Jerardi look back on the Belmont Stakes/Triple Crown Winner.

Friday – 6/5

Hour 1 – Tony DeFazio, Pittsburgh Sports Report, on the Pirates, plus the Penguins on the block for sale.

Hour 2 – Dick Jerardi on the Belmont Stakes and Alan Cavanna, from Fox Sports NASCAR Raceday and NASCAR Hub on the We Paint Winners 400 at Pocono.


Thursday – 6/4

Hour 1 – Jody McDonald, CBS Sports Radio, on the Belmont Stakes.

Hour 2 – John Bacon on the Big Ten’s perspective and Lou Prato with the Penn State side of entry into the Big Ten 25 years later.

Wednesday – 6/3

Hour 1 – Pete Jensen from on the Stanley Cup Final.

Hour 2 – Your calls and comments on the Big Ten and soccer improvements,


Tuesday – 6/2

Hour 1 – Manziel denies an autograph and FIFA Blatter resigns.

Hour 2 – Steve talks about how Penn State got into the Big Ten 25 years ago.

Monday – 6/1

Hour 1 – UAB football returns and 2-pt specialists in the NFL.

Hour 2 – Looking at the 3rd/4th and 1 conversion percentages in the NFL.

Friday – 5/29

Hour 1 – FIFA President elected.

Hour 2 – Sports social media blunders.

Thursday – 5/28

Hour 1 – Sports on TV and how FIFA decided on Russia and Qatar for the World Cup.


Wednesday – 5/27

Hour 1 – Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany on television and changes in college sports.

Hour 2 – FIFA under fire and so is Ruben Amaro.

Tuesday – 5/26

Hour 2 – Steve talks about Ray McDonald and why he shouldn’t have been signed by the Bears. Saban wants the same rules for the 5 major conferences.

Friday – 5/22

Hour 1 – Best NFL team uniforms (over history and throwbacks).

Hour 2 – Retiring numbers in sports.

Thursday – 5/21

Hour 1 – Pitchers hitting in the majors.

Hour 2 – Patrick Chambers, Penn State basketball coach, on rule changes and the Nittany Lions.


Wednesday – 5/20

Hour 1 – Bryan Hoch,, on the Yankees.

Hour 2 – Mike Conti from the Hawk Network talking about the Atlanta Hawks and Mike Muscala.

Tuesday – 5/19

Hour 1 – Jake Kaplan,, in Denver with an update on the Phillies.

Hour 2 – College Basketball rule changes and the NBA Lottery.

Monday – 5/18

Hour 1 – Gabe Sinicropi from the Williamsport Crosscutters.

Hour 2 – Rich Scarcella, Reading Eagle on Penn State sports, plus Dr. Jerry Punch on the Indianapolis 500.

Friday – 5/15

Hour 1 – Kevin updates Fast Friday at Indianapolis and a new Phillies line up.

Hour 2 – Dick Jerardi from the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico.

Thursday – 5/14

Hour 1 – Remembering Fran Fisher

Hour 2 – More memories of Fran Fisher

Wednesday – 5/13

Hour 1 – Phillies, By Saam and still talking about Deflategate.

Hour 2 – Sharing your memories of our favorite announcers and teams.

Tuesday – 5/12

Hour 1 – Brady gets 4 games.

Hour 2 – Illinois football issues and more on Deflategate.

Monday – 5/11

Hour 1 – What will happen to Brady and the Pats, plus where the Phillies stand right now.

Hour 2 – Fowler’s big win and a bit of wrestling talk leading up to the 2016 Olympics.

Friday – 5/8

Hour 1 – The Brady Saga continues.

Hour 2 – Your calls and comments on Deflategate.

Thursday – 5/7

Hour 1 – More on Deflategate, 24 hours later.

Hour 2 – What should the Commissioner due now, and why do players feel the need to cheat?

Wednesday – 5/6

Hour 1 – The results of the Defategate investigation.

Hour 2 – More from the Truman H. Purdy Memorial Golf Tournament.

Tuesday – 5/5

Hour 1 – Penn State Women’s Lacrosse coach Missy Doherty on heading into the NCAA Tournament.

Hour 2 – NCAA Men’s Volleyball Finals with PSU’s coach Mark Pavlik and Ben Jones from State with PSU football and basketball notes.

Monday – 5/4

Hour 2 – Sports on TV and more on the NFL Draft.

Friday – 5/1

Hour 1 – NFL Draft round 1 reaction with Steve, Kevin and Dave Bryan from

Hour 2 – Dick Jerardi from Churchill Downs and Tony DeFazio, Pittsburgh Sports Report.

Listen to the March and April 2015 shows here.


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