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March 20, 2023

The Steve Jones Show:



Friday 3/17/23

Hour 1 – Steve says Penn State is ‘extremely difficult’ for first-time opponents, and a first look at the matchup with Texas.

Thursday 3/16/23

Hour 1 – BTN’s Mike DeCourcy says officiating could favor Texas A&M, and one answer from Micah Shrewsberry’s press conference that stood out to Steve but not everyone else.

Hour 2 – NBC Sports Philly’s John Clark says Darius Slay really wanted to stay with the Eagles, and Steve says there are too many overreactions to the Edwin Diaz injury at the WBC.

Wednesday 3/15/23

Hour 1 – Steve says the Big Ten can wait until May for a new commissioner, and’s Neal Coolong calls the Aaron Rodgers situation a ‘weird, creepy, master plan of revenge.’

Hour 2 – Penn State Wrestling Play-By-Play man Jeff Byers says Levi Haines success has been ‘unreal,’ and a replay of’s Ben Jones.

Tuesday 3/14/23

Hour 1 – Penn State men’s basketball team is wheels up to Iowa, and hear from today’s James Franklin press conference.

Hour 2 – Steve has two very favorable stats for Penn State vs Texas A&M, and Steve says Deion Barnes deserves to be named Defensive Line Coach.

Monday 3/13/23

Hour 1 – Steve has ‘0 problem’ with Penn State as a No. 10 seed in the NCAA Tourney, and’s Ben Jones says Jalen Pickett has played his way to a shot at that the next level.

Friday 3/10/23

Hour 1 – Recapping last night’s win over Illinois, and Steve says there’s too many unknowns in the current relationship between the Eagles and Darius Slay.

Hour 2 – Steve has an important nugget that will make fans feel better about potential tired legs vs Northwestern, along with our picks with the king and a replay of Dick Jerardi.

Thursday 3/9/23

Hour 1 – Steve says Syracuse basketball’s relevancy dropped when it went to the ACC, and he doesn’t get why Aaron Brooks is a No. 3 seed for the NCAA Wrestling Championships.

Hour 2 – Steve says its all about passion this time of the year, and a replay of NFL on CBS Analyst Charles Davis.

Wednesday 3/8/23

Hour 1 – Steve previews the first day of the Big Ten Tournament and a replay of his two-part conversation with TicketManager’s Tony Knopp.

Hour 2 – Steve’s broadcast partner Dick Jerardi says Penn State has always played like a NCAA team and can be competitive with anybody in the Big Ten, and a replay of BTN’s Dave Revsine.

Tuesday 3/7/23

Hour 1 – Steve says there’s always relief for players after their Pro Days are over, NFL on CBS Analyst Charles Davis says Joey Porter Jr is ‘a player that you want,’ and BTN’s Dave Revsine says Penn State hoops’s win at Illinois proved to him they were for real.

Hour 2 –’s Neal Coolong says Lamar Jackson’s nonexclusive tag still means long-term deal or bust, and Steve says the Penn State men’s team was ‘attentive’ as it got back to work for the Big Ten Tourney.

Monday 3/6/23

Hour 1 – Steve says Maryland Started Running Clock ‘way too early,’ and TicketManager’s Tony Knopp says UCLA and USC don’t want Oregon and Washington to join them in the Big Ten, if fact ‘they’re sticking it to them.’

Hour 2 – Centre Daily Times’ Jon Sauber says Penn State is built to make comebacks, and part two of Steve with TicketManager’s Tony Knopp, thinking a Pac-12 deal will get done, but will be ‘crummy,’ and Steve wasn’t surprised with Joey Porter Jr’s combine performance.

Friday 3/3/23

Hour 1 – Leaders shine this time of the year, and looking at the NCAA final weekend of the regular season.

Hour 2 – Previewing the Big Ten Wrestling Tournament seedings and Kevin Jones joins Steve with picks.

Thursday 3/2/23

Hour 1 – Steve also points out to three key plays Evan Mahaffey made in last night’s OT win at Northwestern, and Steve says he needs to see more on the Jalen Carter situation before making a decision on his draft stock.

Hour 2 – The NCAA scoring record could be broken tonight, and Penn State Wrestling Play-By-Play man Jeff Byers says Beau Bartlett is wrestling at the best of his career.

Wednesday 3/1/23

Hour 1 – Steve would like to see the pushes on QB sneaks eliminated, and the latest on Jalen Carter charged from a fatal crash.

Hour 2 – Steve says NCAA hoops officials in Power 5 conferences get paid pretty well, and the NBA is still an incredibly valuable property for networks.

Tuesday 2/28/23

Hour 1 – Steve doesn’t have a problem with owners of multiple sports teams, and’s Neal Coolong says Joey Porter Jr. reminds him of Richard Sherman.

Hour 2 – What the Big 12 is thinking as the Pac-12 tries to survive, and On3Sports’ Nate Bauer says Penn State is an excellent group to shake off Sunday’s loss vs Rutgers.

Monday 2/27/23

Hour 1 – Steve says Penn State’s loss vs Rutgers is not an elimination game, BTN’s Brandon Gaudin says its silly Jalen Pickett isn’t getting more accolades across college hoops, and Bucknell men’s basketball coach Nathan Davis previews the Bison’s first round game at American Tuesday in the Patriot League Tournament.

Hour 2 – Steve says the drug test done on Dame Lillard after his 71-point performance was absurd, and ESPN’s Joe Lundardi says the Rutgers’ loss was damaging, but can be overcome.

Friday 2/24/23

Hour 1 – Is Joel Embiid treated fairly, and Steve says Micah Shrewsberry coaching the offense in front of the bench in the second half was huge last night.

Hour 2 – Philadelphia Inquirer’s Scott Lauber says Craig Kimbrel could be challenged by the new pitch clock, and its our college hoops picks with the king.

Thursday 2/23/23

Hour 1 – Steve says fast break points are key for Penn State tonight at Ohio State, and he’s also no so sure streaming is the future.

Hour 2 –’s Ben Jones believes Penn State is doing a better job defending the paint, and a replay of The Athletic’s Audrey Snyder on the Beaver Stadium major renovation announcement and more.

Wednesday 2/22/23

Hour 1 – Possible college football rule changes and what Steve would like to see, and remembering the anniversary of the Miracle on Ice.

Hour 2 – Steve on what the Zed Key injury means for Penn State tomorrow night, and how load management might play a role in the next NBA TV negotiations.

Tuesday 2/21/23

Hour 1 – Steve is very interested to see how the next NBA TV deal affects the Pac-12 and Notre Dame football, and’s Neal Coolong says the Raiders are the only option for Aaron Rodgers.

Hour 2 – Steve doesn’t have a problem with pro athletes wearing gear of other pro sports teams outside their league, and a big reason why Ohio State hoops have been struggling lately.

Monday 2/20/23

Hour 1 – Steve was confused to hear of talks between the Big 12 and Fresno State and Boise State, and The Athletic’s Audrey Snyder says an expanded College Football Playoff has added urgency to the upcoming major renovation project at Beaver Stadium.

Hour 2 – Steve says Andrew Funk is an underrated screener, and Steve and Matt laugh at the product that was the NBA All Star Game.

Friday 2/17/23

Hour 1 – Steve says Penn State wouldn’t leave Beaver Stadium during major renovations, and ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian says Tim McCarver was the greatest player to become a Hall of Fame broadcaster.

Hour 2 – Steve says the Beaver Stadium renovation project would be done in phases, and its our college hoops picks with the king.
Thursday 2/16/23
Hour 1 – Steve says Tim McCarver made you understand the game more, and CBS Sports College Football Insider Dennis Dodd again wonders if the Pac-12 will fold.

Hour 2 – Steve says the Big Ten should not try to monetize wrestling, and does the Pac-12 deserve an automatic bid into the CFP anymore?

Wednesday 2/15/23

Hour 1 – Steve says Jalen Pickett’s 41-point performance was the best he’s seen in his 41 years, and Detroit Free Press’ Chris Solari says its chaos and uneasy feelings at Michigan State following the tragic shooting.

Hour 2 – Steve isn’t so sure Amazon will save the Pac-12 in a potential media rights deal, and new projects to be discussed this week for the Penn State football practice facilities.

Tuesday 2/14/23

Hour 1 – Steve says the ACC’s grant of rights wouldn’t change if it gets Notre Dame to join, and’s Neal Coolong says its ‘delusional’ to think the officials interjected themselves on the holding call at the end of the Super Bowl.

Hour 2 – Centre Daily Times’ Jon Sauber says the Penn State hoops season is still salvageable despite the NCAA Tournament being a long shot, and Steve has stats about Jalen Pickett’s lack of free throws that make him say ‘something’s askew.’

Monday 2/13/23

Hour 1 – Steve says the non-holding call was still the Eagles fault, and fans booing Dak Prescott was disgraceful.

Hour 2 – Steve says the field for the Super Bowl was embarrassing, and Eagles Radio’s Glen Macnow says we saw the rise of a star in Jalen Hurts.

Friday 2/10/23

Hour 1 – Steve says there’s definitely a MVP argument for Jalen Hurts, and’s Alex Kozora says Mike Tomlin had his eye on key day two draft guys at the Senior Bowl.

Hour 2 – Steve says there’s finally stability in college football again, and its our Super Bowl picks and prop bets with the king.

Thursday 2/9/23

Hour 1 – Steve’s had it with the officiating on Jalen Pickett, but also calls Penn State’s defense vs Wisconsin unacceptable.

Hour 2 – Steve’s not buying there aren’t any players available when COVID postpones games, and Hall of Famer Ray Didinger says the Eagles win the Super Bowl if they don’t turn the ball over.
Wednesday 2/8/23
Hour 1 – Steve thinks Lebron’s scoring record has an excellent chance of never being broken, and New York NewsDay Giants Beat Writer Kim Jones says Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley will both return to the team next season.

Hour 2- NBC Sports’ Peter King says its only a matter of time before NFL Officiating is full time, and Steve says there challenges with college hoops officals being fatigued.

Tuesday 2/7/23

Hour 1 – Steve didn’t like the must win question to Nick Sirriani at Super Bowl Opening Night, and’s Neal Coolong says Sirriani has become innovative since his days in Kansas City.

Hour 2 – NBC Sports Philly’s Michael Barkann says Jalen Hurts’ command of the offense is another part of his success, and Steve says there could be another Palestra game for Penn State hoops next season.

Monday 2/6/23

Hour 1 – Steve says Penn State’s defense has to execute better, and the difference between Lebron and Kareem that no one may bring up.

Hour 2 – Former NFL GM Ernie Accorsi says everyone should study the Eagles and Chiefs, and Steve says the NBA is afraid of its players.

Friday 2/3/23

Hour 1 – Steve says once again, grant of rights are holding up early exits from the Big 12 by Texas and Oklahoma, and Stetson Bennett is ‘not draftable’ by skipping the Senior Bowl.

Thursday 2/2/23

Hour 1 – Steve says Purdue’s Mason Gillis’ performance was ‘ridiculous,’ and’s Ben Jones says Penn State’s defense in underrated.

Hour 2 – Steve wonders if the Big Ten should expand its football schedule to 10 games, and what Jalen Hurts means to an Alabama family.

Wednesday 2/1/23

Hour 1 – Steve thinks Tom Brady is done ‘without a doubt,’ and how Sean Payton and Russell Wilson can work out for the Broncos.

Hour 2 – A new addition for Penn State football in late signing period, and keys for men’s basketball tonight at No. 1 Purdue.


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