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December 3, 2023










Wednesday 11/29/23

Hour 1 – Steve goes which Penn state players made the all Big 10 offense. Matt Catrillo joins the show to give us his rant of the week and, Jon Sauber joins the show and “isnt willing to place the blame on Drew Allar”

Hour 2 – Steve says that there is “more connection to college teams then NFL teams” plus Gerry Dulac joins the show and says that the he saw a “more comfortable Kenny Picket” in the Steelers game

Tuesday 11-28-23

Hour 1 – Steve Jones looks and analyzes the 1st and 2nd team all Big Ten selections and some of the snubs from the lists

Hour 2 – Steve Jones says “It’s not the Diontae Johnson Steelers its the Pittsburgh Steelers” when chatting with Neal Coolong about the lack of effort and professionalism during the Bengals game

Monday 11-27-23

Hour 1- Steve says that the “Eagles are a 8-3 team who is 10-1” plus Bucknell’s Basketball Head Coach John Griffin briefly Joins the show.

Hour 2 – Steve says that the defense for Penn State Men’s Basketball is what’s hurting them, plus Steve goes over Jared Palm’s college football bowl predictions.

Wednesday 11/22/23

Hour 1 – Matt Catrillo Joins the show and gives us his rant of the week.

Hour 2 – Our High School Football Roundtable, Neal Coolong, and Picks with the King this hour

Monday 11/20/23

Hour 1 – Steve says that Penn State “Read the room” against Rutgers during Saturdays game. Plus Bucknell’s Head Basketball Coach John Griffin joins the show and previews there game against Southern Indiana tonight

Hour 2 – Steve says he got all of his preparations done for the week so he could watch the  Monday Night Football game between the Eagles and the Chiefs. Plus Nate Bauer Joins the show to talk Penn State Football and Basketball

Friday 11/17/23

Hour 1 – Steve says “the plot thickens” with the Michigan scandal and the Charissa Thompson scandal surrounding her  stating she would make reports up during games

Hour 2 – The King joins the show and him and Steve go over there picks in College and NFL football

Thursday 11/16/23

Hour 1 – Steve talks Penn Stat’s Potential new Offensive Coordinator hires with the Athletic’s Audrey Snyder. Steve also discusses the situation at JMU.

11/16/23 Hour 2: Our High School Football Roundtable and Steve says that the NCAA “isn’t helping” JMU’s Mental health when denying JMU of not being a bowl eligible.

Wednesday 11/15/23

Hour 1: Greg Wetzel Joins the show to talk about high school fall sports playoffs and him and Steve Jones talk about the State of College football after Jimbo Fisher’s firing and PAC-12 lawsuit.

Hour 2 – Steve Jones says that James Franklin can get “any coach that he wants” when it comes to hiring a new offensive coordinator, plus York Daily Record’s Frank Bodani says Penn State needs a coach who will develop Allar as a “pro ready quarterback”

Tuesday 11/14/23

Hour 1 – Matt Catrillo joins the show for his rant of the week and’s Mark Wogenrich joins the show and says that after the Michigan game and the fire of the Offensive Coordinator, Penn State can take a “refresh” for the rest of the season.

Hour 2 – Steve says “Let’s take a big picture” of Penn States Position and Success in scope of all of College football. Also it’s Tuesdays with Neal Coolong as he talks about steelers football.

Monday 11/13/23

Hour 1 – Steve takes a deep dive into the Penn State Michigan game and scenarios that change the game. Reading Eagle’s Rich Scarcella joins the show to talk about the Penn State in depth.

Hour 2 – Scranton Times-Tribune’s Donnie Collins joins the show and says that there was 2 scenarios that changed the course of the game, and Bucknell Basketball’s Head Coach John Griffin talks about how he feels after his first career win as the head coach and the mentality for the next couple of games

Thursday 11/9/23

Hour 1 – Steve says that penn state “can’t control” what happens with Michigan off the field “so why worry about it.” Steve says that Penn State is solely focused on the game on the field.

Hour 2 – Our High School football round table as they talk about Lewisburg’s playoff game against Danville, and the District Championship game between Selinsgrove and Jersey Shore

Wednesday 11/8/23

Hour 1 – Greg Wetzel co-hosts the show and goes over the results and matchups of District playoffs in the area, plus Steve doesn’t understand the appeal of pickleball. Sporting News’s Bill Bender Joins the show to talk Penn State football.

Hour 2 – Steve says the NCAA ‘needs to be right” when giving a ruling on the Michigan football investigation.

Tuesday 11/7/23

Hour 1 – Steve Jones looks at the Scranton Times-Tribune’s Donnie Collins joins the show and says Penn Sates win over Maryland was “well timed heading into this week.”Penn state matchup against Michigan  on Saturday, plus 

Hour 2 – Steve says Penn State ” Should Just Focus on the Game” and not pay attention to the drama surrounding Michigan right now, plus Tuesdays with Neal Coolong as he talks about Steelers matchup against the Packers

Monday 11/6/23

Hour 1 – Matt joins the show to give us his rant of the week about the eagles and college football, plus Steve talks about the NCAA College Basketball season tipping off tonight and Bucknell’s Basketball Coach John Griffin talks to us about it.

Hour 2 : Steve is very interested about how the new teams coming into the Big 10 in 2024 plus Frank Bodani from the York Daily Record comes on the show and says Michigan “hasnt faced adversity” this season.

Friday 11/3/2023

Hour 1 – Steve previews the weekend of playoff high school football, the weekend’s college games and talks Penn State with Mark Brennan.

Hour 2 – Nate Bower, Blue White Illustrated and Rich Scarcella, Reading Eagle both talking Penn State Football.


Thursday 11/2/2023

Hour 1 – Steve talks about the passing of legendary Indiana Hoosier Head Basketball Coach Bob Knight, and how “trust was really important to him.” Steve tqlks about the impact Bob Knight had on the sport of college basketball.

Hour 2 – Our High School football roundtable plus picks with the king

Wednesday 11/1/23

Hour 1 – Greg and Kevin hoin the show to give results and reviews district playoff games in the area, and Steve “doesn’t understand” the reasoning for losing teams making district playoffs. Plus’s Mark Brennan joins the show to talk Penn State football and basketball

Hour 2: Steve takes a deep dive into the Michigan sign stealing scandal with Greg Wetzle and Callers.

Tuesday 10/31/23

Hour 1: Steve says that as Clemson fan “Made it Personal” when asking Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney why Clemson is 4-4 this year.

Hour 2 – Neal Coolong joins the show and says the steelers “are in trouble” with the QB situation, plus they going over the moves in the trade deadline. Steve also touches on Game 4 of the world series.

Monday 10/30/23

Hour 1 – Matt Catrillo hops onto the show to give his Rant of the Week, Plus Bucknell Basketball’s Head Coach John Griffin joins the show to talk about the Exhibition Game to support ALS and the potential for the team heading into the 2023-2024 basketball season

Hour 2 – on3’s Nate Bauer joins the Steve Jones Show to give his honest reaction of the Penn state vs Indiana game and talks about Penn State Basketballs potential, and Rich Scarcella from the Reading Eagle joins the show for an analysis of the game

Friday 10/27/23

Hour 1- Why this stretch run is different for Penn State, and Steve says the Michigan sign stealing scandal has something new every day, and its not getting better.

Hour 2 – ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian says don’t underestimate the Texas Rangers, and its our picks with the king.

Thursday 10/26/23

Hour 1 – More on the Michigan Manifesto Report, and Steve says it’s going to take a while before we know how good Victor Wembanyama will be.

Hour 2 – Our high school football roundtable, and Steve says Wednesday’s Penn State football practice was ‘full-steam ahead.’


Wednesday 10/25/23

Hour 1 – Steve says ‘timing’s everything’ when it comes to the Phillies’ Game 7 loss, and Steve says the brotherly shove is a well-orchestrated play. 

Hour 2 – The idea behind Big Noon Kickoff on FOX, and Steve says Penn State can’t let one loss become two this week.

Tuesday 10/24/23

Hour 1 – Steve says he and Jack new Michigan staffer Connor Stalion tried to get into Saturday’s game at Ohio State, but either was not allowed in or decided not to show up.

Hour 2 – Phillies Radio’s Scott Franzke says the offense going flat is the central issue for the team, Steve would be surprised if the Phillies lose tonight, and’s Neal Coolong thinks the Steelers have a legitimate chance to steal the AFC North.

Monday 10/23/23

Hour 1 – Steve felt Penn State was ready to go and had a good game plan, and’s Mark Wogenrich wonders what happened to giving the ball to Nick Singleton, especially early in the game.

Hour 2 – Former Penn State coach Jay Paterno says the rest of Penn State’s season has to be taken one week at a time, and callers express frustrations with the fourth down call, the miscue on the 72-yard punt, the Kalen King holding, and more.

Friday 10/20/23 

Hour 1 – Replay of interviews with the voice of Ohio State Paul Keels, and Scranton Times-Tribune’s Donnie Collins. 

Hour 2 – Replays of’s Neal Coolong, and TicketManager’s Tony Knopp. 

Thursday 10/19/23

Hour 1 – Steve says the NCAA won’t do anything about Michigan, but radios are needed for power 5 schools, and Bucknell football coach Dave Cecchini was impressed with how his team played in the 4th Quarter in the win at Cornell.

Hour 2 – Our high school football roundtable, and our picks with the king.

Wednesday 10/18/23

Hour 1 – Joel Klatt apologizes for James Franklin comments, Phillies dominate Game 2, and the Voice of Ohio State Paul Keels says Kyle McCord has grown into a poised quarterback.

Hour 2 – Scranton Times-Tribune’s Donnie Collins says Penn State has the decided edge in the trenches vs Ohio State, and Steve is frustrated James Madison in ineligible for a bowl.

Tuesday 10/17/23

Hour 1 – Steve says having a Super Bowl in London would be an incredible slap in the face, and former Phillies Broadcaster Chris Wheeler compared Citizens Bank Park in the postseason to a Penn State White Out.

Hour 2 – Steve says he hasn’t even thought of Drew Allar returning to Ohio, and’s Neal Coolong says the Browns showed they are a high level defensive team.

Monday 10/16/23

Hour 1 – NBC Sports Philly’s Tom McCarthy says Phillies fans think differently than other fan bases, and Steve says Daequan Hardy has also become a really good defender.

Hour 2 – Steve says egos are coming out in the Eagles locker room, and Colorado Assistant Coach Dennis Thurman’s blunt speech to players.

Friday 10/13/23

Hour 1 – The king is hanging with us in studio today! What was Steve’s worst moment? Plus, Penn State Sideline Reporter Brian Tripp says Penn State is a ‘consistent team.’

Hour 2 – Steve says Phillies fans should not take the D-Backs lightly, and its our picks with the king, in studio.

Thursday 10/12/23

Hour 1 – Responding to James Franklin’s scheduling comments taken out of context, Steve asks why there are more mistakes in media today, and Bryce Harper shouldn’t have done the throat slash.

Hour 2 – Our high school football roundtable, and Steve says UMass actually has a very good offense.

Wednesday 10/11/23

Hour 1 – Steve and Matt say James Franklin’s scheduling comments were taken out of context, and’s Neal Coolong says John Harbaugh ‘should’ve known better’ playing into the Steelers’ hands.

Hour 2 – TicketManager’s Tony Knopp says the values of properties is unpredictable right now for networks, and Steve questions whether ESPN uses ‘care or love’ with any of its news stories.

Tuesday 10/10/23

In today’s full show, Steve says Bryce Harper did nothing wrong in not tagging up in the ninth, managers aren’t trusting themselves in the playoffs, and Penn State men’s basketball at Madison Square Garden this season.

Monday 10/9/23

Hour 1 – Steve thought the end of the Miami-Georgia Tech game was bizarre, and Philly Inquirer’s Scott Lauber wonders if the Phillies are in the Braves’ heads.

Hour 2 – Steve wants to see the Brotherly Shove banned because its leading to more shoving plays in the open field, and Steve agrees the Braves were pressing in Game 1.

Friday 10/6/23

Hour 1 – Steve says some aspects of SEC scheduling are ‘insane,’ and Steve doesn’t have a problem with Nick Sirriani overruling his coaching staff.

Hour 2 – Steve and Matt discuss the possibility of the Big Ten moving the men’s basketball tournament to Las Vegas, and its our picks with the king.

Thursday 10/5/23

Hour 1 – Big Ten releases future football opponents with Oregon and Washington, and NBC Sports Philly’s Michael Barkann says Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola both worked on their control and its paid off.

Hour 2 – It’s our high school football roundtable, and Steve says the Big Ten did a great job with the new football schedule.

Wednesday 10/4/23

Hour 1 – Steve doesn’t believe Urban Meyer is being considered at Michigan State, 93.7 The Fan’s Chris Mack says Kenny Pickett may have reached his peak level, and’s Neal Coolong thinks is ridiculous to blame just Matt Canada for the Steelers’ struggles, but something has to change.

Hour 2 – Steve says the new transfer portal rules do nothing, and the ESPN debacles during the Phillies game last night were awkward.

Tuesday 10/3/23

Hour 1 – Steve thinks the Tush Push can actually be a dangerous play, and Phillies Radio Network’s Scott Franzke says Game 1 against the Marlins can be a tough one for the Phillies.

Hour 2 – Five networks are ready to bid for the College Football Playoff, and Steve says all the outrage around Taylor Swift attending Chiefs games is people making a big deal about nothing.

Monday 10/2/23

Hour 1 – Steve says Beau Pribula ran a fake QB draw, not a fake knee, and doesn’t understand the uproar about it, and Steve’s glad Robert Saleh went after the officials last night.

Hour 2 – Steve says Penn State Wrestling’s schedule has some surprises, and York Daily Record’s Frank Bodani says Penn State’s offense is ‘not what we expected to see’ through the first five games.

Tuesday 9/26/23

Hour 1 – Steve talks Northwestern’s Season and how it Stacks Up to Penn State. He also talks about the James Franklin press conference and the Eagles win over the Tampa Bay Buccs

Hour 2 – It’s guests galore on this hour as SI’s Neal Coolong joins the show to talk about the steelers win over the raiders and CBS Sports’s Brad Nessler talks about being at the Penn State White Out game and what he thought about there performance.

Monday 9/25/23

Hour 1 – Steve Says that penn state is still a “dark horse” at 4-0 for College Football Playoffs plus Screaming Eagle’s writer Rich Scarcella joins the show and says Penn States Defense has “found it’s rhythm.” during the Iowa game.

Hour 2 – Steve says the NFL this week was a “bizarre world” also relive the highlights of the white out game

Friday 9/22/23

Hour 1 – Steve takes a look at Penn State’s White Out game vs the Iowa Hawkeyes from the weather to the matchup. Steve also answers callers questions about the game.

Hour 2 – Steve and the King make there NFL and College Picks for this week.

Thursday 9-21-23

Hour 1 – Steve dives deep on the differences between the European sports market and the USA sports market when it comes to the relegations system, and if it would work for the college football.  Plus Steve takes a look at all the college football match ups for Week 4 of college football

Hour 2 – Our High School Football Roundtable and Steve talks about the Iowa players who gambled on on games.

Wednesday 9/20/23

Hour 1 – Steve Congratulates Matt Catrillo on his families new born son, plus Steve talks about NIL and says the PAC 12 and Mountain West merger and potential regulation system is an “Interesting Idea”for college football.

Tuesday 9/19/23

Hour 1 – Steve says the Deshaun Watson trade is a classic example of ‘the Browns being the Browns,’ and Penn State men’s basketball announces its full schedule.

Hour 2 – Steve says Iowa doesn’t even know how good they are, and’s Neal Coolong says Monday night’s Browns-Steelers game was a ‘memorable train wreck.’

Monday 9/18/23

Hour 1 – Steve says Colorado’s lack of depth will show in the next few weeks, and Scranton Times-Tribune’s Donnie Collins says undisciplined penalties will get Penn State into trouble vs. Iowa.

Hour 2 – Steve says leaders need to be first show discipline for Penn State, and Steelers Radio Network’s Gerry Dulac doesn’t see the Browns as a good matchup tonight for the Steelers.

Friday 9/15/23

Hour 1 – Steve previews Penn State-Illinois, plus hear  replays of LNP’s Mike Gross, and’s Neal Coolong.

Hour 2 – Replays of Detroit Free Press’ Chris Solari on the Mel Tucker situation, and the voice of Illinois football, Brian Barnhart.

Thursday 9/14/23

Hour 1 – Steve doesn’t have a problem with the Phillies’ congratulatory message on the Citizens Bank Park scoreboard, and its our picks with the king.

Hour 2 – Our high school football roundtable, and NBC Sports’ Peter King is skeptical Zach Wilson can lead the Jets without Aaron Rodgers.

Wednesday 9/13/23

Hour 1 – Steve says he can’t find the words to describe the situation around the Jersey Shore player who collapsed at Selinsgrove last week, and Detroit Free Press’ Chris Solari says its only a matter of when Michigan State coach Mel Tucker is let go by the university.

Hour 2 – Steve says grass is better for NFL players but  harder to maintain, and NBC Sports Philly’s Dave Zangaro says the Eagles’ linebacker and safety positions are ‘precarious’ right now.

Tuesday 9/12/23

Hour 1 – Steve says Aaron Rodger’s injury was bad, but the sports industry can’t become a caricature of itself over it.

Hour 2 – Illinois football voice Brian Barnhart says the Illini have got to figure out their defense,’s Neal Coolong says at some point with the struggles of the Steelers’ offense, you have to ask ‘What’s going on?’ and Steve says Jim Schwartz is a better coach than people think.

Monday 9/11/23

Hour 1 – steve says the Mel Tucker investigation should not be taking seven months, and LNP’s Mike Gross says run defense is still a concern for a Penn State, even after dominating Delaware

Hour 2 – Steve says a TV audience is now built for Colorado football, and Steve addresses criticism of Al Michaels and Tony Romo.

Friday 9/8/23

Hour 1 – Steve says it didn’t take much to get the Tez Walker decision right, the voice of the Steelers, Bill Hillgrove, actually thinks Joey Porter Jr will be worked in slowly, and the voice of the Eagles, Merrill Reese, thinks the 49ers will be more disappointing than predicted.

Hour 2 – Steve says the climate protest did nothing but anger people at the U.S. Open, and its our picks with the king.

Thursday 9/7/23

Hour 1 – Steve says some illnesses have been going around the Penn State locker room, and an underrated star from Colorado football’s big win last week.

Hour 2 – Our high school football roundtable, and previewing Lions-Chiefs and Tony Pettiti on the current state of the Big Ten after its latest expansion.

Wednesday 9/6/23

Hour 1 – Steve says last week shows Delaware is not a throw away game for Penn State, and other observations from last week’s win over West Virginia.

Hour 2 – Steve says the Penn State Radio Network looks to have resolved last week’s broadcast issues, and is this the greatest baseball season ever?

Tuesday 9/5/23

Hour 1 – Steve says Drew Allar’s performance was the way he practiced, and Steve says Neal Brown’s postgame comments about Penn State are a ‘waste of time.’

Hour 2 – Duke-Clemson upset reaction,’s Mark Wogenrich says Penn State reached most of its preseason expectations, and’s Neal Coolong says the starting point is critical for both the Steelers and the 49ers.

Monday 9/4/23 – No show, Happy Labor Day!

Friday 9/1/23

Hour 1 – Steve says the ACC missed the boat on expansion two years ago, and Steve also has his keys for Penn State vs West Virginia.

Hour 2 – New looks for the Penguins and Pirates TV broadcasts, and our college football picks with the king.


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