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July 3, 2022



Friday 7/1/22

Hour 1 – Steve talks about the new Big 10 additions as Tim Brando joins the show.

Thursday 6/30/22

Hour 1 – Steve says the Big Ten hit the ‘home run’ it needed for expansion, and Reading Eagle’s Rich Scarcella wonders what’s happening behind the scenes at Notre Dame with today’s news.

Hour 2 – Steve breaks down all the latest on USC and UCLA on their way to the Big Ten.

Wednesday 6/29/22

Hour 1 – Steve says MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred’s tenure hasn’t been helped by certain owners, and he also has a problem with Freddie Freeman firing his agents.

Hour 2 – Centre Daily Times’ Jon Sauber thinks Penn State football has finally turned the page and is ready to take the next step, after last year’s 7-6 season, and Steve says Miles Sanders’ all-star team comments mean nothing.

Tuesday 6/28/22

Hour 1 – Steve says he could see the Big Ten following the ACC’s newly announced 3-5-5 model that includes one division and three primary opponents.

Monday 6/27/22

Hour 1 – Steve laughs at the fact no NBA team but the Lakers is interested in Kyrie Irving, and where things stand with Brittney Griner in Russia.

Hour 2 –’s Mark Wogenrich says it would help NIL if schools could become more involved in the process, and should adults wear jerseys? Matt wears them and ALWAYS will, Steve…yeah not so much.

Friday 6/24/22

Hour 1 – Steve likes the Sixers draft trade, and 93.7 The Fan’s Chris Mack says as long as the Steelers are in the playoff race, they’ll stick with Mitchell Trubisky at quarterback.

Hour 2 – Steve’s not so sure Aaron Judge will be with the Yankees  next year, and its headlines with the king.

Thursday 6/23/22

Hour 1 – Steve says Lightning coach Jon Cooper is ‘just grasping at straws’ over the non-call when the Avs scored their OT goal, and says Title IX has made college sports ‘exponentially better’ but there’s still no equivalency to football. Plus, former Boston College Coach/Bleav Podcast’s Scott Spinelli says he’d take Chet Holmgren with the No. 1 pick in tonight’s NBA Draft.

Hour 2 – Steve doesn’t like how most top NBA draft picks go unnoticed in their first few years by playing for losing and smaller market teams, and The Athletic’s Rob Biertempfel alluded to the Pirates possibly not staying in Pittsburgh after 2030.

Wednesday 6/22/22

Hour 1 – Steve calls today’s congressional probe on the Washington Commanders ‘absurd,’ and Penn State Baseball Coach Rob Cooper says the team is getting the message of getting better this offseason to build off this season’s success.

Hour 2 – Steve names a few players he has on his radar for tomorrow’s NBA Draft, including for the Sixers at No. 23.

Tuesday 6/21/22

Hour 1 – When it comes to Brooks Koepka leaving for LIV for big money, Steve says anyone would think about it. Plus, KYW Newsradio’s Matt Leon says John Tortorella won’t change the Flyers alone.

Hour 2 – Steve answers whether Manny Ramirez is right about Derek Jeter, and NBC Sports Philly’s Michael Barkann says the Sixers don’t have much choice but to sign James Harden to a max deal.

Monday 6/20/22

Hour 1 – Steve has become infuriated with the way ‘breaking news’ is handled in sports today, and Penn State All Sports Museum Director Ken Hickman explains the new World War II exhibit.

Hour 2 – Penn State baseball catcher Matt Wood recaps his memorable year and his MLB Draft path, plus Steve says the Pirates should be keeping O’Neil Cruz at the big league level.

Friday 6/17/22

Hour 1 – Steve says the better team won the NBA Finals, and former Penn Stater and Broadcaster Reginald Walker Jr. examines if the Panthers should show interest in Baker Mayfield.

Hour 2 – Steve doesn’t understand what the actual beef is with young players who have left the PGA for LIV, and its our headlines for the week with the king.

Thursday 6/16/22

Hour 1 – Steve reveals Penn State men’s basketball’s Big Ten hoops schedule, and On3’s Nate Bauer says the NCAA really doesn’t have much power and will get sued for every move they make.

Hour 2 – Steve says there’s certain aspects of sports the media cares about that fans don’t, and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/Steelers Radio Network’s Gerry Dulac says the LIV/PGA feud will end up in court.

Wednesday 6/15/22

Hour 1 – Steve can’t get over how successful the Lightning of been the last few seasons, and NHL Network’s Pete Jensen says this year’s Stanley Cup Final will be ‘very unpredictable’ with the league’s two best teams in the last three years.

Hour 2 – Former Penn State/NFL Linebacker and current Penn State Trustee Brandon Short explains The Karli Short Better Tomorrow Foundation, formed in honor of his daughter after she and her unborn child were killed by gunfire last year, Bleav Podcast Network Golf Analyst Cam Rogers says the PGA Commissioner pointing fingers toward LIV is not the answer to the problem, and Steve lets Matt complain about the Flyers hiring John Tortorella.

Tuesday 6/14/22

Hour 1 – Steve says there’s gonna have to be peace between LIV and the PGA eventually. Steve was also fired up on many aspects of Game 5 of the NBA Finals, plus former MLB Pitcher/Bleav Podcast Network’s Heath Bell says the surging Phillies’ managerial change was all about honesty from the skipper.

Hour 2 – Steve has another BIG reason why ESPN is key in the Big Ten TV deal, and USA Today’s Neal Coolong says the Steelers supported Devin Bush and his play for too long.

Monday 6/13/22

Hour 1 – Steve says PGA Commission Jay Monahan looked ‘unsteady’ during is interview on CBS Sunday, and former Spikes player Evan Mendoza shares his path to his NFT project known as DiamondDawgs, which will be celebrated at an upcoming Spikes game.

Hour 2 – Steve thinks there’s some irony to Phil Mickelson’s press conference today, and he breaks down the NBA Finals with former BC Coach/Bleav Podcast Network’s Scott Spinelli.

Friday 6/10/22

Hour 1 – Steve doesn’t know what to say about Tony LaRussa’s decision to intentionally walk Trea Turner on a 1-2 count, and Former Penn State Quarterback Christian Hackenberg catches up with Steve on grinding through a tough time at Penn State, and is now coach high school football with fellow former Nittany Lion Bill Belton.

Hour 2 – Former Penn State women’s basketball great and current Bucknell women’s Associate Head Coach Kelly Mazzante says Penn State has made her who she is as a player and coach, after being elected into the PA Sports Hall of Fame, and Steve wonders if Mike Trout has any signature moments in his time with the Angels

Thursday 6/9/22

Hour 1 – Steve says the LIV Tour isn’t good for golf, but the PGA isn’t doing much to help the sport either, and the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Dick Jerardi says upset Kentucky Derby winner Rich Strike won’t win the Belmont this weekend, but will run well.

Hour 2 – Penn State Wrestling Voice Jeff Byers say Carter Starocci is on a track right now to be the best wrestler in Penn State history, and Steve says college hoops players who transfer ‘up’ usually don’t have their situations work out, referencing a story by The Athletic.

Wednesday 6/8/22

Hour 1 – Steve doesn’t have a problem with golfers leaving the PGA for LIV, but is uncomfortable with where the LIV money is coming from.

Hour 2 – Steve has no problem with owners having multiple franchises, and’s Nate Bauer says James Franklin’s recent NIL comments have been the most ‘direct.’

Tuesday 6/7/22

Hour 1 – Steve says the LIV is a ‘formidable opponent’ for the PGA, and USA Today’s Neal Coolong Says He ‘Would Think’ Browns had Trepidation Acquiring Watson.

Hour 2 – A question on Penn State football’s offseason and Sean Clifford’s level of play, and Steve says ESPN needs to still be in the next Big Ten TV package, and The Athletic’s Brendan Quinn says it was obvious Tiger was in a lot of pain at The Masters.

Monday 6/6/22

Hour 1 – Steve says Baker Mayfield is still with the Browns for a reason, and the Sixers’ ‘Process’ really wasn’t that much of a success.

Hour 2 – Steve has the latest NBA draft rankings as the NBA Draft withdrawal deadline is approaching, and BTN/Sporting News’ Michael DeCourcy says there’s no competitive balance right now in college football with NIL, a four-team CFP, and ‘revenue games.’

Friday 6/3/22

Hour 1 – The Phillies fire Joe Girardi. Is the Phillies slide his fault and what’s next for the Phillies.

Hour 2 – How to manage the Transfer Portal, plus golf stories with the King.

Thursday 6/2/22

Hour 1 – Steve talks about Major League Baseball’s attendance and about how some Minor League Baseball teams have better attendance than some Major League clubs. Brian Tripp also joins Steve to talk all things sports.

Hour 2 – Ivan Maisel joins the show to talk with Steve more about NIL and how that plays a role in college football.

Wednesday 6/1/22

Hour 2- More with Joe and Jon Crispin and Tyler Smith about their time on the Penn State basketball team and the future of college athletics.  Steve runs down the themes for Penn State home football games.

Hour 1- Steve talks about the upcoming Penn State football schedule.  He interviews Joe and Jon Crispin and Tyler Smith about their time on the Penn State basketball team.

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