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December 5, 2021

The Steve Jones Show:

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Friday 10/29/21

Hour 1 –’s Mark Wogenrich wonders what it would’ve looked like with a different quarterback, and USA Today’s Neal Coolong says Carson Palmer should’ve ‘read the room’ before answering the USC coaching search question.

Hour 2 – BTN’s Dave Revsine says the new OT format is ‘not football’ and doesn’t think the NCAA accomplished what they wanted with the format, and Reginald Walker wants to see more creativity from the Penn State running game.

Thursday 10/28/21
Hour 1 – Steve breaks down the Penn State wrestling schedule, and its the regular season finale of our high school football round table.

Wednesday 10/27/21

Hour 1 – Steve says don’t worry about Sean Clifford, and USA Today’s Bob Nightengale says MLB and its players can’t afford a work stoppage.

Hour 2 – Eagles Radio’s Glen Macnow says winning is ‘close to impossible’ for the Eagles right now, Washington Post Baseball Writer Chelsea Janes says its a ‘scary time’ for MLB, and the Cleveland Indians facing lawsuit over new Guardians name.

Tuesday 10/26/21
Hour 1 – Steve says James Franklin’s actions are still speaking louder than words like Mike Tomlin’s in the midst of more questions about his future.

Hour 2 – USA Today’s Neal Coolong says Carson Palmer should’ve ‘read the room’ before answering the USC coaching search question, and Steve also is not crazy about the new OT format for college football.

Monday 10/25/21
Hour 1 – Steve doesn’t really know what to say after Saturday’s historic loss, and’s Mark Wogenrich wonders what it would’ve looked like with a different quarterback.

Hour 2 – BTN’s Dave Revsine says the new OT format is ‘not football’ and doesn’t think the NCAA accomplished what they wanted with the format, and Steve still isn’t buying the latest James Franklin rumors – this time from Carson Palmer on The Dan Patrick Show.

Friday 10/22/21
Hour 1 – Steve is not crazy about Cincinnati being No. 2 in the poll, and Steve thinks Christmas might be a good time for a Ben Simmons trade.

Thursday 10/21/21
Hour 1 – Steve has had it with how long games are taking, especially with replay, and its our high school football round table.

Hour 2 – Penn State Football Sideline Reporter/Hockey Play-By-Play Broadcaster Brian Tripp is looking to see how Penn State responds after the bye week and has an update on hockey, NBC Sports Philly Flyers Broadcaster Jim Jackson likes what he’s seeing from the Flyers ‘FAB’ line, and Steve wonders if there’s something else going on with Ben Simmons mentally.

Wednesday 10/20/21
Hour 1 – Steve isn’t worried about the Penn State QB situation with or without Sean Clifford, and new Sixers TV Announcer Kate Scott opens up about her path to the job, the Sixers and still focused despite the Ben Simmons saga, and more.

Hour 2 – York Daily Record’s Frank Bodani says the Penn State running game suddenly has a lot of question marks, but its crucial for it to get right now, and Steve says James Franklin’s name is one that sticks with big school coaching vacancies.

Tuesday 10/19/21

Hour 1 – Steve wasn’t a fan of Illinois football coach Bret Bielema’s comments, and says he needs to own some responsibility too.

Hour 2 – USA Today’s Neal Coolong says TJ Watt is still not having a great season overall, and Steve is annoyed by networks over saturating replays and camera angles on big name NFL players during games.

Monday 10/18/21
Hour 1 – Steve says SEC should take away home games if Tennessee fans act out again, and KYW’s Matt Leon isn’t sure what the Eagles think of Miles Sanders.

Hour 2 – 93.7 The Fan’s Chris Mack says Big Ben’s communication issues with receivers this season is ‘strange,’ Baseball America’s JJ Cooper says the MLB housing agreement for minor leaguers gives players more time to pursuit their dream, and Steve checks in on the status of Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich.

Friday 10/15/21
Friday’s Steve Jones Show, hour 1.

Thursday 10/14/21

Hour 1 – Steve says Iowa fans ‘gestures’ to the Penn State buses before last week’s game set the tone for the day, and its our high school football round table.

Hour 2 – Steve says there’s going to be certain factors the players will not concede to owners, and its our picks with the King.

Wednesday 10/13/21
Hour 1 – Steve says Kirk Ferentz should know how to answer the Penn State injury question, and NBC Sports Philly’s Reuben Frank says Nick Sirriani has had trouble finding a rhythm in his play calling.

Hour 2 – Steve says Kirk Ferentz had time to think about an answer to the Penn State injury question, and Penguins Radio Play-By-Play Broadcaster Josh Getzoff says most of the Penguins stars are close to returning.

Tuesday 10/12/21
Hour 1 – Steve says Jon Gruden’s emails are disgusting and they speak for themselves, and Gary Bettman has had a good run as NHL commissioner lately.

Hour 2 – Steve says the NFL needs to look at ‘enabler’s from the Jon Gruden situation, and USA Today’s Neal Coolong says we’ll find out JuJu Smith-Schuster’s worth to the Steelers in the coming weeks.

Monday 10/11/21
Hour 1 – Steve dispels some assumptions from fans on Taquan Roberson’s performance,and’s Mark Wogenrich, he says Saturday’s loss is a 14-point victory if it continued on that course.

Hour 2 – Bucknell football coach Dave Cecchini says his team has been in a position where freshman have inherited starting roles instead of earning them, and Steve says the umpires got the call right in the Top of the 13th in Game 3 at Fenway Park.

Thursday 10/07/21 Hour 1 – Steve isn’t surprised to see some of the names involved in the NBA benefit scheme, and its our high school football round table.

Hour 2 – Guest:’s Ben Jones isn’t sure if Penn State is the fourth best team in the country, but Saturday will prove it; and its our picks with the king!

Wednesday 10/06/21
Hour 1 – Steve had heavy criticism for Giancarlo Stanton not running hard after his two near-homers that no one’s really talking about, and Urban Meyer’s biggest mistake was not flying back with the Jags after a tough loss.

Hour 2 – Blue-White Illustrated’s Nate Bauer says Jordan Stout is the MVP of the season, and the run defense plays a part in the secondary’s success; and more on Urban Meyer and a revealing report from NFL Network’s Michael Silver.

Tuesday 10/05/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve previews the Dodgers vs Cardinals game tomorrow; why the Dodgers may not pick up the win, Steve reacts to JD Martinez’s injury. and more thoughts about the Dodgers’ line-up. Steve on Amy Golaszewski returning, “you always want to work with people who can make you better.”

Hour 2 – Guests: Sweeny Murti, Yankees’ Journalist joins Steve to discuss the Yankee’s interesting season. Are the Yankees a good team or a great team? Neal Coolong from Steelers Wire is back to discuss their current line-up, Ben Roethlisber’s injuries and where do the Steelers go from here?

Monday 10/04/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve still doesn’t agree with the illegal formation call and he doesn’t care Penn State is behind Iowa in the AP poll. Guest: York Daily Record’s Frank Bodani, he’s confident Mike Yurcich will be prepared to work around Noah Cain’s availability issues, the defense’s growth has been much more than expected and its a unit that embraces adversity, and more.

Friday 10/01/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve says the word ‘revenge’ hasn’t come up once at practice this week, Steve goes through other current young NFL QBs and how good he thought they’d be during their college days, and has his eyes on some other college football games this week.

Hour 2 – Guest: Blue-White Illustrated’s Ryan Snyder, he says the white out has given Penn State a lot of momentum in recruiting already, Penn State is already attacking a lack-of-depth 2024 class very well, and more; plus its our picks with the king.

Thursday 9/30/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve reveals why Penn State didn’t recruit LeSean McCoy, and more on why Steve says Jalen Hurts is who he is by now. Plus, its this week’s edition of our high school football roundtable.

Hour 2 – Guests: Reading Eagle’s Rich Scarcella, he says Penn State’s offense took a step back last week vs Villanova, especially the run game, Indiana has been a tough matchup lately, and more; USA Today’s Neal Coolong, he thinks Big Ben forgot what down it was on the 4th and 10 debacle, assessment of the team at a 1-2 start, and more.

Wednesday 9/29/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve doesn’t understand the book on the Patriots, and Sean Clifford is a semifinalist for Campbell Award.

Hour 2 – Guests: NBC Sports Philly’s Dave Zangaro, he says Miles Sanders’ two carries is unacceptable and Eagles have to actually run the ball more, you saw some troubling things from Jalen Hurts, and more; Steelers Radio Network/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Gerry Dulac, on the US’ dominating win in the Ryder Cup, there were several issues with the 4th and 10 play call, and more.

Tuesday 9/28/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve is joining the party questioning why Miles Sanders only had two carries last night, Guest: Blue-White Illustrated’s Greg Pickel, he says James Franklin had a message from last week and the team’s picked up on it, John Lovett’s future role in the offense, and more.

Hour 2 – Guest: NBC Sports’ Peter King, he says don’t expect universal love for Tom Brady’s return to New England Sunday night – some reactions from fans my surprise you – and his column on his dad’s influence on his career. Topics: Steve says Tom Brady’s daily chip on his shoulder is always demanding to be coached hard, not revenge, and Steve is again not buying into the ‘revenge’ factor of the Indiana game.

Monday 9/27/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve says Saturday was a win with teachable moments, and Steve blames Big Ben for the 4th and 10 throw late in the game, and has growing concerns creating hostility in college football, especially toward players with NIL deals.

Hour 2 – Topics: Steve says the K’Vaughan Pope incident only reiterates we’re watching a ‘me’ era, Red Sox were robbed last night, and an update on Villanova’s Tyler Will.

Friday 9/24/21

Hour 1 – Topics: Steve lets Matt rant on the NFL’s decision to put a wild card game on a Monday night, plus high school football getting underway tonight. Guest: Scranton-Times Tribune’s Donnie Collins, he says Jahan Dotson isn’t getting enough national recognition, the Villanova matchup and more.

Thursday 9/23/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve again isn’t worried about more reports of James Franklin and USC, and its our high school football round table.

Hour 2 – Topics: Phillies still alive and a check on MLB races. Guest: The Hall of Famer Ray Didinger, he thinks Micah Parsons could play a big role in Monday night’s matchup with the Eagles, Jalen Hurts has it, and more.

Wednesday 9/22/21

Hour 2-  Topics:  Steve talks about local sports Fall of Fames.

Hour 1 – Topics: Steve reiterated his strong disbelieve in revenge and trap games, and another monetary gift for Northwestern football.

Tuesday 9/21/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Where the Eagles and Steelers stand after two weeks. Guest: KYW’s Matt Leon, on the Eagles frustrating loss to the 49ers, Bryce Harper’s hot streak, Ben Simmons future and more.

Hour 2 – Guest: USA Today’s Neal Coolong – he says the Steelers’ offense is in trouble and has some mind-blowing stats to prove it. Topics: More college football transfer issues, Rutgers paintball incident, and an early look at Villanova.

Monday 9/20/21

Hour 1 – Topics: Steve says Saturday night’s game lived up to the hype, and also has high praise for Jahan Dotson. Guest:’s Mark Wogenrich, he says Saturday night was Sean Clifford’s best game of his career, Saturday’s White Out exceeded his expectations, and more.

Hour 2 – Guest: Bucknell Football Coach Dave Cecchini, he says the team needs to settle on a quarterback, had high praise for running back Danny Meuser, and more. Topics: Steve says the down debacle by the refs was ‘bizzaro world’ from his viewpoint in the booth.

Friday 9/17/21
Hour 1 – Topics: The awe of the White Out, State College is buzzing already, Purdue drum saga, and Steve says Darius Slayton’s catch isn’t as bad as people are making it out to be.

Hour 2 – Topics: Steve thinks Matt is nuts to be thinking big picture in the NFC East already, and its our picks with the King, and yes, Steve will be doing other things on Game day.

Thursday 9/16/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Orioles grounds crew thrown out, some questions about Penn State-Auburn and why James Franklin won’t come out and deny USC speculation. Plus, its our high school football round table.

Hour 2 – Guests: ESPN College Game Day Host Rece Davis, with behind-the-scenes insights into the show and his preparation, and why this is game is bigger than people think for Penn State; Former Penn Stater and NFL player Devon Still, on his golf tournament he’s hosting next week at Penn State, it took a village to battle Leah’s cancer, and more.

Wednesday 9/15/21

Hour 1 – Topics:
Guest: Former Auburn/NFL QB and now broadcaster Jason Campbell, he says he doesn’t know how to evaluate the Tigers either from its first two cupcake games, Penn State is a pivotal test and communication is a concern, especially among their young receivers, and more.

Hour 2 – Guest: Eagles and Yankees Spanish Broadcaster Rickie Ricardo, detailing his experience coming to the rescue of Yankees Radio Broadcaster John Sterling, the head-scratching Yankees, Jalen Hurts start, and more. Topics: The Yankees struggles, and why Aroldis Chapman has struggled lately.

Tuesday 9/14/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve says James Franklin’s name mentioned as a possible USC coaching candidate is a compliment to him and the job he’s done, and where Urban Meyer stands in all this.

Hour 2 – Guests: New Penn State football Sideline Reporter Brian Tripp, he says from his view on the sideline, there’s something unique about the team and it maybe the start of something special; USA Today’s Neal Coolong, on the Steelers’ big win, TJ Watt dominated despite stamina issues from a lack of training camp, and more.

Monday 9/13/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve says Penn State got better from week 1 to week 2, Guest: LNP’s Mike Gross, he says the first two drives of the Ball State win standout the most, Sean Clifford still has work to do, but making progress, Jesse Luketa’s play, and more.

Hour 2 – Guest: Bucknell football coach Dave Cecchini, on the challenges of the first two weeks of the season facing lots of senior-experienced teams, returning home this Saturday, and more. Topics: Ohio State run defense hasn’t been as good as expected so far, and other college football reaction.

Friday 9/10/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve likes how Dak Prescott looked last night, and more light on financial trouble with Rutgers. Guest: Former Nittany Lion and now broadcaster Reginald Walker, on Penn State’s win and more.

Hour 2 – Guest: Blue-White Illustrated’s Nate Bauer, he says it was key to see Sean Clifford show maturity right away, something needs to be addressed with targeting, and more; and its our first full set of picks with the king.

Thursday 9/9/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve says Micah Parsons, Jamar Chase and others will set the precedent for players who opt out early. Plus, its week 3 of High School Football Roundtable.

Hour 2 – Guest: The Voice of the Steelers, Bill Hillgrove, on the passing of Tunch Ilkin, he thinks the Steelers will be much better than people think, TJ Watt is Mr. Turnover, and more. Topics: Steve has an EPIC RANT on the College Football Playoff’s schedule!

Wednesday 9/8/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve doesn’t believe in trap games, and the Big Ten men’s basketball schedule is revealed.

Hour 2 – Topics: Penn State football releases a cool video welcoming fans back to Beaver Stadium. Steve also didn’t agree with the Ellis Brooks targeting call, he was baffled by players’ behavior during the U.S. Open in tennis, and the impact of likely Big 12 expansion.

Tuesday 9/7/21

Hour 1 – Topics: Steve is normally even keel after one game, but the quality of opponent makes this different. Guest: Reading Eagle’s Rich Scarcella, he didn’t like the Brooks targeting call, he’s not worried about the defense playing 95 plays, and more.

Hour 2 – Guests: The Voice of the Eagles, Merrill Reese, he’s concerned about Jalen Hurts lack of preseason, saying joint practices aren’t games, he doesn’t know at all what to expect from Nick Sirrani because of his different style training camp, how he hasn’t met a new player in two years, and much more; USA Today’s Neal Coolong – he says TJ Watt would not be smart to not play because of his looming contract situation.

Monday 9/6/21

No show- Happy Labor Day!

Friday 9/3/21

Hour 1 – Replays of Steve’s interviews with the York Daily Record’s Frank Bodani, and Penn State alum and current broadcaster Reginald Walker.

Hour 2 – Guests: Altoona Mirror’s Neil Rudel – he says Penn State has a lot to prove this season, and Scranton Times-Tribune’s Donnie Collins – he says the big message in the locker room this week is start fast. Both writers also have full previews for Saturday’s game at Wisconsin.

Thursday 9/2/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Opening of college football, some Penn State football position rotations, and its our high school football round table, previewing week 2.

Hour 2 – Topics: What to look for in Penn State-Wisconsin and its our picks with the king.

Wednesday 9/1/21
Hour 1 – Topics:Vaccine issues in the NFL, more on no Penn State football depth chart, and Joe Haden not getting a new contract with the Steelers. Guest: Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey Play-By-Play man Brian Tripp, on having fans at Pegula again, some uniqueness in the schedule, and more.

Hour 2 – Topics: The latest issue with the Mets and other looks around MLB, Asante Samuel’s comments on Bill Belichick, NBA vaccine issues, and Wisconsin freshmen dismissed from team won’t affect Penn State game.

Tuesday 8/31/21

Hour 1 – Replays of interviews with USWNT Goal Keeper and Penn State alum Alyssa Naeher, and ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit.

Hour 2 – Guest: Steelers Wire/USA Today’s Neal Coolong, he says TJ Watt should be signing his new contract extension soon, Dwayne Haskins’ future, and more. Plus, a replay of Steve’s interview with the now retired Penguins broadcaster, Mike Lange.

Monday 8/30/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Early thoughts on Penn State-Wisconsin, Penn State’s captains named, and Steve says Javy Baez needs to realize how valuable fans are.

Hour 2 – Guest: Bucknell football coach Dave Cecchini, he says his team is faster than last year, but less experienced, how the team’s handled fall camp coming off the spring season, and more. Topics: Steve says new Wisconsin starting running back Chez Mellusi may not be as good as advertised, and why Penn State is not releasing public depth charts this season and isn’t a big deal.

Friday 8/27/21

Hour 1 – It’s a Best Of The Steve Jones Show, replaying interviews from USA Today’ Baseball Writer Bob Nightengale reflecting on the life of Hank Aaron, and formerly of ESPN, Mike Golic Sr., as he traveled to Cleveland to announce the Eagles’ second round pick in this year’s NFL Draft.

Hour 2 – It’s a Best Of The Steve Jones Show, replaying interviews from the now retired TV voice of the 76ers, Marc Zumoff, and Villanova men’s basketball coach, Basketball Hall of Famer and Bucknell grad, Jay Wright.

Thursday 8/26/21
Hour 1 – Topics: The Pac-12 reveal they are NOT looking to expand, as Steve expected, and more thoughts about the Alliance. Plus Shaun Wade to the Ravens, NFL COVID Issues, and its our first installment of our high school football roundtable.

Hour 2 – Topics: Steve says sports is losing its ‘playground mentality’ and is sometimes too structured today, and our first set of picks for the year with the king!

Wednesday 8/25/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve agrees there really isn’t much trust in college football and the alliance, and why college football really hasn’t changed since the 60s and 70s. Guest: BTN’s Dave Revsine, he says we don’t know who’s in charge of the alliance, plus his views on Penn State football and the Big Ten following his training camp visits.

Hour 2 – Guests: ESPN South Jersey’s John McMullen, he hasn’t agreed much with Jalen Hurts playing time, the Eagles could be better than expected if they stay healthy up front, and more;York Daily Record’s Frank Bodani, with his thoughts on the Alliance, the Penn State-Wisconsin loser’s season won’t necessarily be broken, and more.

Tuesday 8/24/21

Hour 1 – Steve is frustrated by many things from today’s Alliance press conference, including one thing Penn State football can ill afford to lose.

Hour 2 – Guest: Neal Coolong, Steelers Wire/USA Today, he says Pat Freiermuth looked he belonged in his two-touchdown performance Saturday, what to look for in this week’s preseason game in Carolina, and more. Topics: Steve has a message after sharing Tom Coughlin’s story revealing his wife’s ‘gut-wrenching’ diagnosis, and more frustrations over the alliance announcement.

Monday 08-23-21

Hour 1 – Topics: Steve doesn’t think the Big 10 needs to be a part of the new Alliance with the ACC and Pac-12, and the conference needs to stop making panic decisions. Guest: Reginald Walker, Penn State Alum, Charlotte 49ers and Gardner Webb Analyst, with his thoughts on the Big Ten this year, Penn State, and more.

Hour 2 – Topics: Miguel Cabrera’s 500th career home run, Steve is worried about the future of emotions in the stands at pro sporting events after Saturday’s fight at Heinz Field, and he also can’t explain the San Francisco Giants’ success.

Friday 08/20/21

Hour 1 – Topics: Big weekend for Penn State before classes begin, Steve has high praise for players and what to expect from the team. Discussing a new alliance with the Big 10, ACC, and Pac 12 and why the Big 10 needs the alliance the least. What this alliance could mean for college football. Update on Scott Frosts’ NCAA violations and other NCAA investigations.

Hour 2 – What 2 Watch 4 with the King! Topics: Steve can’t even with the Philadelphia teams right now, his disappointment in both Phillies & the Eagles is immeasurable after their games last night and the call of the day from the Diamondbacks.

Thursday 08/19/21

Hour 1 – Topics: Devonta Smith expected to make his NFL debut tonight vs. Patriots – Steve wants to see how he embraces getting hit again coming off the knee injury. Guest: Penn State Men’s Basketball Coach Micah Shrewsberry, and Co-Executive Director of Coaches vs Cancer Golf Tournament and State College Spikes GM Scott Walker, on the upcoming tournament, the offseason, a successful first season for the Spikes in the MLB Draft League and more.

Hour 2 – Guests: Eagles Radio’s Glen Macnow – he says Jalen Hurts is further along than he thought he would be by now, Andre Dillard on the trading block, Miles Sanders drop issues and more; Gerry Dulac, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/Steelers Radio Network.

Wednesday 08/18/21

Hour 1 – Topics: NCAA investigating Nebraska and Scott Frost for alleged activities last year that violated Nebraska’s pandemic rules and Steve thinks the situation is shady. Tigers broadcaster’s offensive accent, the Phillies’ inconsistent win/loss record, Yankees run, and more.

Hour 2 – Guest: Newly Retired Penguins’ Broadcaster Mike Lange; why he is retiring after an unforgettable 46 year career, how he got his famous phrases, and you don’t want to miss the end of the interview. Topics:The perception of Jalen Hurts’ progress, Penn State football ending fall camp, and more.

Tuesday 08/17/21

Hour 1 – Topics: Tim Tebow released and Steve says he got multiple chances just like any other first round pick, Jamal Adams extension, and Steve agrees with some of an ESPN article on what would be good changes to MLB, and doesn’t understand others.

Hour 2 – Guest: Steelers Wire/USA Today’s Neal Coolong, he says the time is now for a Minkah Fitzpatrick extension, the team got a steal in trading for Joe Schobert, and more. Topics: Steve doesn’t understand the perception of some MLB players on the field.

Monday 08/16/21

Hour 1 – Topics: Thoughts on Penn State being ranked 19th in the AP Top 25 pre-season poll and other team rankings, Steve reads The Athletics’ article on best NFL Quarterbacks and why he thinks the article is fascinating.

Hour 2 – Topics: Steve continues to analyze The Athletics’ best NFL Quarterbacks. Steve and Matt try to rationalize Ben Roethlisberger’s and other rankings in the article.

Friday 8/13/21

Hour 1 – Eagles-Steelers observations, Field of Dreams game was great for baseball, and why farm systems are crucial for MLB teams.

Hour 2 – Guest: Ben Bousma, FOX Sports and ESPN Statistician/Producer, on his career path, working games during the pandemic, and more; plus its What 2 Watch 4 with the King.

Thursday 8/12/21

Hour 1 – Guest: Chris Mack, Pittsburgh Sports Show Host of 93.7 The Fan. Topics: Tonight’s Field of Dreams Game.

Hour 2 – Stacked hour with two interviews! Guests: Reuben Frank, NBC Sports Philly talking about the Eagles &  and an insightful talk with Matt McGloin, former Penn State QB and sideline reporter.

Wednesday 8/11/21

Hour 1 – Topics: Steve says TJ Watt better be playing Week 1 instead of ‘holding in’ for his contract situation, and why preseason football isn’t the same.

Hour 2 – Topics: Steve doesn’t like the NFL preseason as much, why high school football shouldn’t be ‘made for TV’ nationally, and Steve and Matt’s favorite sports movies.

Tuesday 8/10/21

Hour 1 – Guest: USWNT Goal Keeper and Penn State Alum Alyssa Naeher, on having a familiar face in Penn State coach Erica Dambach with her in Tokyo, her injury and future playing for the USWNT in 2024, what she learned from Hope Solo and previous USWNT keepers, and more.

Hour 2 – Guests: ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit – he expects a bounce back year from Penn State, and we need to remember what college football is about in the midst of lots of change, plus he promotes his new book; Steelers Wire/USA Today’s Neal Coolong – he says there’s a reson Kevin Dotson’s not with the 1s, TJ Watt’s contract situation, and more.
Monday 8/9/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve discusses the Olympic’s ratings woes, the problem with the Olympic games compared to regular sport events, Saturday’s media day and what to expect from Penn State’s offense, and Pens broadcaster Mike Lange retires.
Hour 2 – Topics: Steve shares a story how Joe Paterno met Roy Halladay while Penn State worked out in Clearwater, Bobby Bowden dies, and Steve didn’t like how the ‘Dinger’ issue with the Rockies was handled by the media. Guest: Mark Wogenrich of, on Jesse Luketa moving to DE, players seem ‘free’ after last year’s COVID-dominated season, Sean Clifford ‘not shying away’ from expectations, and more.
Friday 8/6/21
Hour 1 – Topics: Steve’s frustrated David Taylor gold medal as time expired should be creating more headlines. Guest: Gregg Murphy, Phillies Radio Network/Glove Stories with Murph Podcast – on the podcast, the Phillies-Mets series, and how the team really believe the division is there for the taking.
Hour 2 – Topics: Steve wonders how teams in the new SEC will deal with losing more games than maybe they’re used to, and its What 2 Watch 4 with the King.
Thursday 8/5/21
Hour 1 – What to look for in the Hall of Fame game, David Taylor & Joe Kovac win Olympic Gold, and most valuable sport franchises in the world. Guest: Joe Putnam, state college Spikes broadcaster on the latest happening at Medlar Field at Lubrano Park and more.
Hour 2 – Guest:’s Alex Kozora – he says Najee Harris and Pat Friermuth have been as advertised so far, Dwayne Haskins as made a ‘crack’ at making the No. 2 QB spot a competition, and Lamont Wade is having a good camp. Topics: Steve wonders if NIL is making young people skip parts of their life just to make money.
Wednesday 8/4/21
Hour 1 – Steve is live at the Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA  Purdy Golf Tournament with live coverage including the first whole in one made at the Purdy Turney, also talking about problems with the Big 12, Ohio State and the FCC could be losing money.
Hour 2 – Steve interviews Doug Birdsong at the Purdy Golf Tournament discussing Bucknell Football. Also more from the Purdy Tournament as it celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary!
Tuesday 8/3/21
Hour 1 – Guests: NBC Sports Philly’s Dave Zangaro replay, as the Eagles begin training camp; Steelers Wire/USA Today’s Neal Coolong, on the upcoming Hall of Fame weekend with a heavy Steelers influence, three things he’s watching for in Thursday’s Hall of Fame Game, and more.

Hour 2 – Guests: Replays of College Football Insider Phil Steele, with a complete preview of the upcoming season – including Penn State as his most improve team. Plus, Bucknell’s Rayven Sample, who will compete in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in the 400 in Track and Field.

Monday 8/2/21

Hour 1 – Topics: Steve is beyond frustrated with NBC making it hard to view certain parts of the Olympics, and why the NBA Draft proved Steve’s point the Big Ten wasn’t as good as last year.

Hour 2 – Topics: USWNT loses, what’s next for them, and what to expect from Penn State football media day.

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