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November 28, 2023

Nate Bauer: “Felt Very Distinct Differences” on Offense

  Nate Bauer joins the show and says that he saw and “Felt very distinct differences” on the offense against Rutgers

John Griffin: Balancing Scouting and Coaching

  Bucknell’s Head Basketball Coach John Griffin joins the show and is “Balancing Scouting and Coaching” with the Bucknell team and he previews the Bison’s matchup against Southern Indiana.

Audrey Snyder: “Excited to see Ja’Juan Seider and Ty Howle at Coordinator”

  The Athletic’s Audrey Snyder joins the show and says she’s “Excited to see Ja’Juan Seider and Ty Howle at Coordinator”. She also says that Drew Allar needs to be on board for the new offensice coordinator hire.

Frank Bodani: Penn State Needs a Coach who will Develop Allar

  York Daily Record’s Frank Bodani says Penn State needs an offensive coordinator who will develop Allar as a “pro ready quarterback”

Neal Coolong: Broderick Jones is a “Catalyst” for a Run Game Resurgence

  Tuesday’s with Neal Coolong as he talks about where the steelers are in the context of the league and how Broderick Jones is a “Catalyst” for a run game resurgence.

Mark Wogenrich: Penn State can “Take a Refresh” the Rest of the Season’s Mark Wogenrich joins the show and says that after the Michigan game and the fire of the Offensive Coordinator, Penn State can take a “refresh” for the rest of the season.

Jon Griffin: Celebrates First Career Win as Bucknell Basketball’s Head Coach

  Bucknell Basketball’s Head Coach John Griffin talks about how he feels after his first career win as the head coach and the mentality for the next couple of games.

Donnie Collins: Two Scenarios “Changed the Game” in Michigan Penn State game

  Scranton Times-Tribune’s Donnie Collins joins the show and says that there was 2 scenarios that changed the course of the Penn State Michigan game

Rich Scarcella: Surprised that Yurcich’s Fire “Didn’t Happen Sooner”

  Reading Eagle’s Rich Scarcella tells Steve that he was surprised that the Yucich fire “didn’t happen sooner”

Bill Bender: If Penn State Wins the Big10 Tiebreaker is “Quirky”

  Sporting News’s Bill Bender Joins the show and say if Penn State wins against Michigan the tiebraker in the Big 10 East becomes “Quirky” and what it needs to take down Michigan.