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July 13, 2024

The Steve Jones Show:

Steve Jones Show Hour 2 07-12-2024 -

Friday, July 12, 2024

ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian 07-12-2024 -

Friday, July 12, 2024

Steve Jones Show Hour 1 – 07-12-2024 -

Friday, July 12, 2024

Steve Jones Show Hour 2 07-12-2024

SJS Hour 2 07-12-2024 – Tim Kurkjian joins the show in the first segment to takes around the MLB – Paul Skenes, Injuries, Phils, Guardians and Yankees are all covered – then Steve talks about the new case against the NCAA

ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian 07-12-2024

Tim joins the show to talk Paul Skenes starting the all-star game, the Injuries around the game and prevention. We talk Phillies, Guardians and Yankees; and what Tim enjoys about covering the all-star game the most

Steve Jones Show Hour 1 – 07-12-2024

SJS hour 1 – 07-12-2024 – Steve talks with Scott Franzke, Phillies’ play-by-play guy. It’s wide-ranging conversation about the Phils. In the second segment, we talk Clemson, Florida State and we hear from Brian in Northern Va. about an interesting way FSU makes money for its sports teams.

Phillies play-by-play guy Scott Franzke 07-12-2024

Scott joins the show to discuss the best team in the majors, the Philadelphia Phillies. It’s a wide-ranging discussion on a variety of Phillies, the starters, getting the bullpen work. The Phillies team approach to the game, and how it helps in a long season. What’s led to Trea Turner and Nick Castellanos recent hot streaks?

Steve Jones Show Hour 2 – 07-11-2024

SJS Hour 2 – -7-11-2024 – We talk a little about next week’s release of NCAA 25 and the logistics of a football team travelling. Then CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodds joins the show to discuss Big 12 Media Day

CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodds 07-11-2024

Dennis spent his week in Los Vegas for Big 12 Media Day and the 2-team open Bar Pac-12 Media Day and gives us his thoughts from both. Deion Sanders in year 2 in Colorado..Brett Yormark and Big 12 expansion plans and his shots at the ACC..then we talk making 18 teams work in a conference

Steve Jones Show Hour 1 – 07-11-2024

SJS Hour 1 – 07-11-2024 – Steve talks about some of the comments that Richard Clarke the new head of the college football playoff said yesterday. Steve says it was the wrong thing to say at the wrong time. Ticket sales, weather and hotels will play a role in determining home teams in the college football playoff. Then we discuss if maybe it was a shot at the Power 5 teams.

Steve Jones Show Hour 2 07-10-2024

SJS Hour 2 07-10-2024 – We talk streaming losses and the fact the TV money isn’t unlimited, then the Athletic’s Audrey Snyder joins us in the second segment for talk about the PSU fan survey, Beaver Stadium and various other things around the Nittany Lions.

The Athletic’s Audrey Snyder 07-10-2024

Audrey joins us to talk the Penn State fan survey she and the Athletic did that printed on Wednesday. Biggest surprise: most fans don’t understand NIL or realize Penn State has a collective; We talk Beaver Stadium expansion and the vibe around the Nittany Lions headed into fall camp.

Steve Jones Show Hour 1 – 07-10-2024

SJS Hour 1 – 07-10-2024 – White Illustrated’s Ryan Snyder joins the show for a fun conversation surrounding recruiting; Then Steve talks about Big 12 media day and some things Brett Yorkmark is trying to do.