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July 3, 2022

“Paterno Bridge”?

One Pennsylvania lawmaker believes the time is right to once again honor Joe Paterno — and do so by naming a major state bridge after the legendary Penn State coach. reported Friday that state Rep. Michael Regan (R) plans to introduce a bill┬áthat would christen the Pennsylvania Turnpike bridge over the Susquehanna River the “Joseph V. Paterno Memorial Bridge.” Regan has not commented directly on the bill, which has not yet (per PennLive) been “formally introduced.” But a May 21 letter looking for co-sponsors for the bill, Regan wrote that the bridge renaming would “honor the football career of Joe Paterno.”

The news of Regan’s bill comes quickly on the heels of new Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour saying last week the school would find a way to honor Paterno’s legacy at an undefined point in the future.

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