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February 1, 2023

The Steve Jones Show:

SU Football Violates NCAA Rules

By Jennifer Wakeman/Newsradio 1070 WKOK – SELINSGROVE – Susquehanna University has reported a major NCAA violation involving two alumni and a member of the football team. Following a lengthy investigation, SU found alumnus Nick Lopardo paid the tuition bill of a member of the football team in 2015.


Administration became suspicious in August 2015, after the player’s overdue tuition bill was paid the same day that alumnus, Joe Palchak, a member of the Board of Trustees, inquired about the status of the student’s bill. Interviews were conducted, but no conclusive evidence was found.


In February 2016, Lopardo mentioned to head football coach Tom Perkovich and an assistant coach that he, Lopardo, was the reason one of the star players was able to compete in 2015. The coaches informed administrators and the investigation resumed.


Susquehanna University President Dr. L. Jay Lemons announced self-imposed sanctions on the football program.

  • The student-athlete has been declared ineligible and must complete 50 hours of community service and serve a three-game suspension as mandated by NCAA requirements for reinstatement.
  • All five victories from the 2015 season are vacated
  • The 2016 team will not be permitted to participate in post-season play
  • The football program is placed on a two year probation

Additionally the Board of Trustees has taken action against the two alumni involved in the infraction. Lopardo has been permanently disassociated from SU’s athletic program and his name will be removed from the school’s football stadium. Palchak, who admitted to not being fully forthcoming during the investigation, has resigned from the Board of Trustees and has been disassociated from the Department of Athletics for a period of five years.

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