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May 25, 2024

Penn State Making a STATEment on Name, Image and Likeness

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Penn State Athletics continues its commitment to preparing students for a lifetime of impact with the introduction of the STATEment program to prepare students in the ever-changing college athletics landscape of Name, Image and Likeness (NIL). STATEment will aide students in understanding and growing their brand through meaningful education programs and an emphasis on entrepreneurship.


“Our why has always been preparing our students for a lifetime of impact, and this new opportunity will allow them to explore entrepreneurship and develop skills which they will carry with them long beyond their time at Penn State,” said Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Sandy Barbour. “For many years we have had a comprehensive educational program for our students when they arrive on campus and STATEment’s educational components are an extension of that program.


“We want to inspire our students’ entrepreneurial spirit and help them understand the impact their brand has using enhanced education as key part of STATEment,” continued Barbour. “Penn State’s brand and 700,000 living alumni are huge advantages for our students as they explore these new opportunities to make an impact.”


STATEment will build upon the life skills education which had previously been provided by the Student-Athlete Welfare and Development staff when students arrived to Penn State. STATEment’s educational focus will be on brand building, social media responsibility, financial literacy, professionalism, media training, interest and values assessment, diversity and inclusion, and alumni and industry relationships. Most importantly, STATEment is a program which will continue to evolve in the ever-changing world of college athletics.


Penn State has partnered with INFLCR and Spry to provide resources to students as part of STATEment. INFLCR facilitates in content distribution to assist students in elevating their brand and messaging via the INFLCR app. Spry will serve as a one-stop shop for the students, becoming the educational hub for STATEment, as well as a reporting headquarters for required disclosure of opportunities.


In addition, Penn State ICA’s students will have access to Athlete Network to connect with Penn State Varsity ‘S’ members. Current students and alumni are able to connect based on interest, location and professional areas of interest. There are more than 3,300 members of Penn State’s Athlete Network.


Penn State Athletics’ students will also have access additional resources, such as Happy Valley LaunchBox and the Sokolov-Miller Family Financial and Life Skills Center. Founded in 2016, Happy Valley LaunchBox is responsible for opening 111 startup businesses and securing $2.25 million dollars in funding and awards. The LaunchBox also provides the chance to obtain a yearly $15,000 grant, which comes with mentoring services and business coaching.


Centrally located within hours of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York City, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., networking opportunities are plentiful for Penn State’s more than 800 student-athletes in 31 sports. Penn State is the only Power 5 program to be located within 250 miles of three top-10 media markets (New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C.). The Penn State Alumni Association is the largest dues-paying alumni association in the country, with over 700,000 members and 1-in-7 Pennsylvanians with a college degree is a Penn State alum.


What They’re Saying About STATEment


Football Head Coach James Franklin:

“We are very excited for our students to have this new entrepreneurial opportunity and provide them the education and resources necessary to excel through our STATEment program. STATEment will influence our students in so many ways as they begin their NIL journey with education and support on a variety of topics, including brand building and financial responsibility. We are extremely grateful to have a comprehensive program which will serve our students for a lifetime.”


Men’s Basketball Head Coach Micah Shrewsberry:

“STATEment’s comprehensive curriculum and tools will be a game-changer as we help our students navigate the Name, Image and Likeness era. The education and services provided to our students by STATEment will not only help them manage and monetize their right of publicity, but more importantly, continue to prepare them for a lifetime of impact beyond their collegiate playing days. We are excited about the ways in which this program can help our students harness the power of the Penn State brand to develop and amplify their own personal brands and make their STATEment.”


Women’s Basketball Coach Carolyn Kieger:

“What a great opportunity for our students to learn and be able to build their brand while here at Penn State. We are so fortunate to have a living alumni base of more than 700,000 who can help in these efforts for all of our students. These are exciting times in college athletics and Penn State is the perfect place to educate and support our students’ entrepreneurship.”


Softball Head Coach Clarisa Crowell:

“I am excited for future of NIL legislation, as I believe this will allow for incredible entrepreneurship opportunities for our student-athletes. I would like to commend our administration and staff for being proactive in preparing for this new era of college athletics. Our goals will be to educate our students, and to provide them with the necessary resources, like STATEment, that will help them navigate through this process. Supporting our students during this time will be another way in which we will help prepare them for a lifetime of impact.”


Men’s Golf Head Coach Greg Nye:

“NIL has been a long time coming for our students. Penn State has many resources already in place for those of entrepreneurial spirit, and we are excited about what STATEment can provide for our students. While this is a win for students in the sense of earnings potential, it’s important to make sure it does not distract from their educational pursuits and athletic achievement dreams. The balance, as always, will need guidance and careful thought. I firmly believe Penn State is just the place to guide this balance.”


Cross Country/Track & Field Head Coach John Gondak:

“I am excited to see STATEment benefit our students in cross country/track & field. This opportunity will give them the chance to have real-life entrepreneurial experiences while at Penn State and with our program. I am eager to see how they take advantage of it!”

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