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May 30, 2024

Reginald Walker Wants to See More Creativity in Penn St Run Game

Former Penn Stater and now broadcaster Reginald Walker Jr wants to see more creativity from the Penn State running game.

Scarcella: Ohio St Actually a Good Matchup for Penn St

Reading Eagle’s Rich Scarcella actually thinks there’s some favorable matchups for Penn State at Ohio State this week.

Macnow: Winning ‘Close to Impossible’ for Eagles

Eagles Radio’s Glen Macnow says winning is ‘close to impossible’ for the Eagles right now.

Nightengale: MLB, Players Can’t Afford Work Stoppage

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale says MLB and its players can’t afford a work stoppage.

Janes: ‘Scary Time’ For MLB With Possible Lockout Looming

The Washington Post’s Chelsea Janes says a possible lockout is definitely looming over baseball right now.

Steve Says Franklin’s Actions Still Speaking Louder Than Words

Steve says James Franklin’s actions are still speaking louder than words like Mike Tomlin’s in the midst of more questions about his future.

Coolong: Palmer ‘Should’ve Read the Room’ Before USC Question

USA Today’s Neal Coolong says Carson Palmer should’ve been more prepared for The Dan Patrick Show question about USC coaching candidates.

Revsine: New OT Format ‘Not Football’

BTN’s Dave Revsine says the new OT format is ‘not football’ and doesn’t think the NCAA accomplished what they wanted with the format.

Wogenrich: ‘I Wonder What Happens With a Different QB’’s Mark Wogenrich couldn’t help but wonder what Saturday would’ve looked like with a different quarterback.

Steve Can’t Explain What Happened vs. Illinois

Steve can’t really explain what happened Saturday vs Illinois, but he tries to find reasons.