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April 19, 2024

Jody McDonald: Eagles are in “Very Good Shape” Starting 3-0

  WIP’s Jody McDonald hops on to talk about the early success of the Eagles and says they are in “very good shape when you’re 3-0 and you know there’s room for improvement.”

Dave Enett: He has Hope for Northwestern After Controversy

  Northwestern’s play by play announcer Dave Enett joins the show to talk about there seasons and the trials they overcame, and how they would stack up against the Penn State Nittnay Lions. He also talks about the new stadium plans that are in the works.

Nate Bauer: Talks Penn State Football and is “Excited” for Penn State Basketball

Nate Bauer from On3 joins the show to talk Penn State football and what excites him the most about transfers in Penn State Basketball.

Brad Nessler: If Penn State Played like They did in the White Out “They Could Win Them All”.

  Brad Nessler: If Penn State Played like They did in the White Out “They Could Win Them All”.

Neal Coolong: Steelers are Relying on TJ Watt “Like He’s the QB”

  Neal Coolong joins the show to talk about the Steelers performance against the raiders, and how the Steelers are relying on TJ watt “like he’s the QB”

Rich Scarcella: Penn States Defense has “Found it’s Rhythm.”

Coolong: Browns-Steelers Was ‘a Memorable Train Wreck’’s Neal Coolong says Monday night’s Browns-Steelers game was a ‘memorable train wreck.’

Dulac: Browns ‘Not a Good Matchup’ for Steelers Tonight

Steelers Radio Network’s Gerry Dulac doesn’t see the Browns as a good matchup tonight for the Steelers.

Collins: Undisciplined Penalties Will Get Penn St in Trouble vs Iowa

Scranton Times-Tribune’s Donnie Collins says undisciplined penalties will get Penn State into trouble vs. Iowa.

Peter King ‘Skeptical’ Zach Wilson Can Lead Jets

NBC Sports’ Peter King is skeptical Zach Wilson can lead the Jets without Aaron Rodgers.