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July 16, 2024

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Steve Jones Show Hour 2 07-12-2024 -

Friday, July 12, 2024

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Friday, July 12, 2024

Steve Jones Show Hour 1 – 07-12-2024 -

Friday, July 12, 2024

Wogenrich: Warren ‘In Position of Strength’ After Shaky Start’s Mark Wogenrich says Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren is now in a position of strength, following a shaky start in 2020.

Steve Not Worried About Sean Clifford Being ‘Distracted’

Steve isn’t worried about Sean Clifford’s player rights involvement distracting from preparing for the season.

Lombardo: ‘There Has to be Some Interest’ Playing Pickett

NFL Insider Matt Lombardo says ‘there has to be some interest’ in playing Kenny Pickett because of the unknown, and it resets the clock on Mike Tomlin’s tenure.

93.7’s Mack Doesn’t Think Kenny Pickett Will Play This Year

93.7 The Fan’s Chris Mack doesn’t think we’ll see Kenny Pickett play at all this season.

Steve: Late Night B1G Football Games Could Be in New Deal

Steve says may be the new Big Ten TV deal will include late night football games, after hearing from commissioner Kevin Warren today at media days.

Ray Diddinger Looks Back on 53 Years in Sports with Steve

The retired Hall of Famer Ray Diddinger remembers his 53-years as a sports writer with Steve.

Coolong: Steelers ‘Have the Raw Talent’

USA Today’s Neal Coolong says the Steelers ‘have the raw talent’ but have been hampered by a weak arm quarterback in the past.

Steve: If you Pay Players, What About Title IX?

If college football players are going to be paid, Steve asks the question, ‘What about Title IX?’

Bauer: CFB Players Starting to Realize Revenue Going to Schools, Not Them’s Nate Bauer says college football players are starting to realize the revenue of games they play are going to other institutions, not themselves.

Steve: Capitalism or Socialism? College Football Needs to Decide

Steve says college football needs to decide whether it wants to be capitalist or socialist when it comes to the new players union.