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May 25, 2024

Bucknell coach John Griffin 03-25-2024

John Griffin 03-25-2024 – Bucknell coach John Griffin joins the show to discuss this weekend’s action in the NCAA Tournament. What is the difference between a major conference team and a mid-major team? How important is it for everybody on campus to be on the same wavelength with basketball? How he approach social media with his team? How excited is he for the Bison to get back to work?

Steve Jones Show Hour 2 – 03-25-2024 – Steve talks the reaction to Kansas coach Bill Self’s comments this weekend and some new NFL rules

SJS Hour 2 – 03-25-2024 – Steve talks about the reaction to Bill Self’s comments after Kansas’ loss to Gonzaga on Saturday. Self said he’s been thinking about his team’s future for the last month. Steve argues that he should have been because all good coaches are looking ahead at next year. Then we look at the new NFL rules for the upcoming season.

Steve Jones Show Hour 1 – Steve discusses the Penn State national wrestling title and Bucknell coach John Griffin joins the show

SJS Hour 1 03-25-2024 – Steve discusses this weekend’s Penn State national championship victory in wrestling and talks about Cael Sanderson’s approach to his team, and the wrestlers approach to the craft. Then Bucknell coach John Griffin joins us to talk the NCAA Tournament’s Todd Zolecki – 02-20-2024 – Joins us from Spring Training’s Todd Zolecki joins the show to discuss the Phillies’ Spring Training so far. Zolecki addresses the overall health of the 26-man roster, and how it could effect the Phillies start to the season (hint: it’s good news). He gives his thoughts on the newest Phillie, Whit Merrefield. Also, how good a first baseman a healthy Bryce Harper could be?

Neal Coolong – 02-20-2024 – Neal talks the Steelers off season plans

Neal Coolong 2-20-2024 – Neal gives his thoughts on what the Steelers needs in free agency and the upcoming draft. Is Kenny Pickett the answer at QB? Neal says, “If you asked me right now, No. However, he’s the cheapest, best option they have right now.”

Steve Jones Show Hour 1 – Steve talks with Matt Catrillo about Rick Pitino’s statements post game on Sunday, then the New configuration of the CFP

SJS Hour 1 – Matt Catrillo joins us for his weekly appearance. Rick Pitino’s post game comments after St. John’s lost to Seton Hall on Sunday. Then we talk the new model for the CFP and discuss Penn State’s winter workouts from today.

Steve Jones Show Hour 2 – 02-20-2024 – Steve talks last night’s brawl a bit in the Southland then Neal Coolong talks Steelers and Todd Zolecki talks Phillies

SJS Hour 2 – 02-20-2024 – We hear the play-by-play call from last night’s brawl in the Southland Conference. Neal Coolong then talks about the Steelers offseason needs in free agency. Then’s Todd Zolecki gives us an update from Phillies’ Spring Training.

Bucknell coach John Griffin 02-19-2024

Bucknell coach John Griffin joins the show for another interesting conversation with Steve. Does his competitiveness as a play bleed over into his coaching? How are the Bison handling the late season? What does Griffin do on weeks like this one with mid-week trip to Holy Cross?

Steve Jones Show Hour 1 – 02-19-2024 – Steve talks about what’s wrong with the NBA All-Star game and Load management then Bucknell coach John Griffin joins the show

SJS Hour 1 – 02-19-2024 – Steve talks the NBA All-Star and what Load Management has done to the game. Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown says the threshold should be 58 games instead of the 65 games that began this year. Steve says that, “It’s hurting their image when people have to work two or three jobs to combat high inflation, and somebody making 24 million a year only wants to work 58 times per year.” Bucknell coach John Griffin joins the show to talk the Bison, and how they are handling the late season.

Steve Jones Show Hour 2 – 02/19/2024 – Steve talks about UConn’s men’s basketball dominance, then what doesn’t Kanye Clary’s dismissal mean basketball wise

SJS Hour 2 – 02-19-2024 – Steve discuss why UConn hasn’t been discussed about the men’s basketball elites. Then we discuss what does Kanye Cleary’s dismissal mean for the Penn State men’s basketball team on the court. Steve says that “Penn State has a lost all of two of its three recruiting classes. Of the 11 recruits to sign or commit to Penn State over the last three years, six never set foot on campus.”