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September 28, 2023

9/14/23 Hour 1 – Steve Doesn’t Have Problem w/ Phils’ Congratulatory Message to Braves

Thursday 9/14/23 Hour 1 – Steve doesn’t have a problem with the Phillies’ congratulatory message on the Citizens Bank Park scoreboard, and its our picks with the king.

9/7/23 Hour 1 – Steve: Illnesses Going Around Penn State Locker Room

Thursday 9/7/23 Hour 1 – Steve says some illnesses have been going around the Penn State locker room, and an underrated star from Colorado football’s big win last week.

9/5/23 Hour 1 – Steve: Allar Performance Was ‘The Way He’s Practiced’

Tuesday 9/5/23 Hour 1 – Steve says Drew Allar’s performance was the way he practiced, and Steve says Neal Brown’s postgame comments about Penn State are a ‘waste of time.’

8/31/23 Hour 1 – Remembering Gil Brandt, HS Football Roundtable

Remembering Gil Brandt, the Athletic’s Audrey Snyder says Penn State has a chance to open more eyes this weekend, and it’s our high school football round table

7/6/23 Hour 2 – Steve: Le Batard Right About ESPN Programming

Hour 2 – State College Spikes Broadcaster Joe Putnam has details of the Spikes’ second half of the season, and Steve says Dan Le Batard is right about ESPN programming.

2-8-23 Hour 2- Steve: College Hoops officials are getting fatigued

Hour 2- NBC Sports’ Peter King says its only a matter of time before NFL Officiating is full time, and Steve says there challenges with college hoops officials being fatigued.  

King: ‘Only Matter of Time’ Before Full-Time NFL Officiating

NBC Sports Peter King says its only a matter of time before NFL Officiating is full time.

11/30/22 Hour 2 Who is John Hadl? Steve says you should know

Wednesday 11/30/22 Who is John Hadl? A really good football player and Steve tells you about him. He also runs down the sports headlines of today, which include Pittsburgh Penguin Kris Letang having another having another stroke.

11/16/22 Steve Jones Show Hour 2

11/16/22 Steve talks with Neal Coolong about his new job as the breaking news editor at Sports Illustrated. In the second half hour, Steve talks with Chris Carlin, the voice of Rutgers football, about this Saturday’s game. Listen to the Penn State-Rutgers game on Newsradio 1070 WKOK and on the Sunbury Broadcasting app – pregame 2pm, kickoff 3:30.

10/7/22 – Steve Jones Show Hour 2

10/7/22 Steve talks to Tony Knnop on UCLA and then talks to Tom McCarthy on Phillies Baseball.